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About University of Adelaide

The major commitment of the University of Adelaide is to deliver recognisable teaching and learning of the highest quality and exceptional research experiences.

The university is among the leading tertiary education and research institutions in the country and in the entire region.

Constantly pursuing innovation

We have world-class facilities and lecturers who are renowned for their achievements in their respective fields. Our community consists of both domestic and international students who enjoy a diverse cultural experience while studying at the university.

The discovery of new knowledge

We prepare our graduates to be independent and creative thinkers who have a global perspective and the skills to make a difference.

In a rapidly changing local and international environment, we educate leaders who can handle successfully the challenges which come their way and reach ever greater achievements.

University of Adelaide Services

During their time at the University of Adelaide, students can take out interest-free student loans which are designed to help them with paying their living expenses and study costs.

We offer unsecured emergency loans of up to $500 to domestic students and of up to $1,000 to international students.

Obtain a loan for up to $2,000

The online student loan comes with clear and straightforward repayment terms and conditions. Usually, the loan amount is paid into the bank account of the student who has got approved between 5 and 9 days after the making of the application.

Student loan policy

A student must meet these requirements in order to get approved for a loan. The online loan applications made by domestic students are processed by Education and Welfare Officers. Those made by international students are assessed by International Student Advisors. 

University of Adelaide Student loan

  • Loan Type Student loans
  • Loan Amount up to $152,700

Benefits of University of Adelaide

  • Apply for a student loan online
  • Affordable loan options
  • No repayments while studying

University of Adelaide - Now anyone can further their career

Student loans are easily granted through University of Adelaide. We are proud to be one of Australia’s top class universities and have high success rates of students who qualify with the highest degrees and excel in the workplace once they leave our campus.

We are very proud of our students, and acknowledge that studying at University of Adelaide demands a whole lot of the time and financial means.

Students that are dedicated to their studies will put in the time and passion to their studies without hesitation, but they don’t always have control over the financial aspect of the process. This is something that they may need assistance with.

Taking one of our student loans

We offer a range of beneficial items which are included in our study loan option. For one, we charge zero interest rates on the loan.

This alone saves the student and the parents from paying more than what they actually should.

Giving our children the best education

We can only do this if our bright-minded students can afford to carry on with these studies. Our university is focused on achieving remarkable results for our students.

We pursue innovation and discover knowledge on a daily basis. By allowing our students to pursue this, we need to enable them to afford the tuition fees.

Assisting you in furthering your education

Our quick loans can also be used to pay living expenses on campus, as well as medical and car finance costs. We have flexible terms available which will be discussed with you when you apply for the loan.

We encourage students in their final term to complete the loan repayments by the time their studies are completed. Speak to one of our counsellors should you need any further information on getting your application completed. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

I applied for credit at the University of Adelaide and my loan application was approved on the very same day.

Seth B
— Canberra —

May 2019

I would like to commend University of Adelaide for always ensuring that their clients get the best credit deals.

John L
— Perth —

May 2019

The interest rates that University of Adelaide charge on their loans are the reason why my financial life has been such a lighter burden to carry.

Mel W
— Orange —

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