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About The University of Sydney

The goal of the University of Sydney is to make things happen and, our scholars and students achieve it every day.

We believe that education has the power to transform individuals, communities and the whole of society. We are passionately committed to transforming the world around us for the better and this has been our main driving force since our establishment.

We're making a difference

It enables us to get a better understanding of the world of today and of how we live and work in it. We bring people from all cultural, social and economic backgrounds together. This enables us to enrich our community and to share different points of view. We also offer study finance support and other services.

Local and global impact

Our community is renowned for its excellence and for the major impact which it has locally and globally. We are proud of the achievements which our academics, alumni and students reach.

The University of Sydney Services

Students who are enrolled in award courses at the University of Sydney can apply for government-funded student loans and for education loans available from private financial institutions.

In addition to the FEE-HELP program, students can consider other sources of finance available via programs of the federal government and local governments.

Grants for domestic students only

International students from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Canada can apply for student loans which are available from the government bodies of their home countries.

International students can also access private student loans provided by US lenders as long as they apply with a co-borrower who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

Loans for international students - advice

Our International Student Office has an officer who provides complete information and support with international student loan schemes. Students will receive dedicated professional assistance with making an online loan application for any type of international loan.

The University of Sydney Student loan

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Benefits of The University of Sydney

  • Student support services
  • Scholarships 
  • Affordable student loans

The University of Sydney Student Loans - Reaching Great Potential

As a highly accredited university in Australia, we keep our name held high through the academic accomplishments of our students.

We have a campus filled with passionate and dedicated students, all looking to achieve greatness and succeed in their future careers.

International student loan schemes

We know we are the building blocks to getting them to their desired dream job and fulfilling their ultimate passion in life. Without the financial means to get them through the years of hard studies, and great accomplishments, their dreams would not be a reality.

Making use of our student loans

These convenient and affordable tools allow them to basically get a study advance to apply for their studies, as well as living costs, accommodation, medical expenses, car loan payments and more.

They can afford to pay for their student requirements such as textbooks, and other essential items needed in the classroom.

You must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • must be 18 years or older
  • have Australian residency / a citizen of the country
  • you must be enrolled as a student at The University of Sydney
  • financial backing to prove you are able to repay the instalments on your loan such as bank statements
  • you must have no outstanding debts owed to the university
  • if you are under age or don’t meet the criteria, you may need a guarantor to sign on your behalf
  • you must be making satisfactory academic progress in your enrolled curriculum

Once your online loan application has been discussed with you, we will send it for approval which will take only a few days.

You will be contacted once approved to sign the terms and conditions and receive your student loan payout within that week.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

Applying for the University of Sydney was a total breeze!

Jack W
— Warwick —

June 2019

Thanks to the University of Sydney, my loan application was just in line with my monthly budget.

Olivia W
— Bunbury —

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