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About The Academy of Design

The Academy of Design in Australia has been providing modern tertiary education to students since 1998.

Our founder Dr Robert Treseder has been our director and still is, to this day. Our institution was inaugurated by the Australian Academy of the Arts in the year of its founding.

A registered training organisation

We have CRICOS registration as well. We are dedicated to providing our students with academic and hands-on experiences of the highest quality. Since 2006, the Academy has been offering bachelor degree programs in its own right.

Bachelor of Design Arts Degree

We are the only tertiary institution in the country to offer a Bachelor of Design Arts degree. It is accredited by OTTE and was developed in cooperation with the Australian Academy of the Arts. Our Bachelor of Design Arts enables students to take major and sub-major combinations in several different programs.

These include fashion and costume design, graphic and digital design, communication design, fashion and costume design, visual arts and filmmaking and photography.

The Academy of Design Services

Students who prefer to pay their tuition fees in advance can take advantage of the monthly payment schedule arranged by The Academy of Design.

Students can choose to participate in the FEE-HELP scheme. It is designed to help them with the payment of tuition fees through the use of a loan. The student loan is repaid when the borrower's annual income after graduation reaches a set threshold. Other forms of financial assistance are available as well. Centrelink is a provider of benefits to students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Loans for emergencies and more

We provide small personal loans to students who find it difficult to meet any urgent financial needs. There are several federal and state agencies that provide financial assistance to students in need.

Bank loan options

The major banks in the country offer student loans of various sizes and repayment terms as well.  You can find these products on the websites of lenders and in their local branches. 

The Academy of Design Student loan

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Benefits of The Academy of Design

  • Get a loan up to 50% of your study fees
  • Affordable student loans

The Academy of Design Student Loans - designed little loans

The Academy of Design is home to numerous world-class students who have achieved great educational heights through their studies with us.

Their accomplishments are achieved through dedication to their studies, and also the financial backing of our university, in the form of our student finance.

Student loans easy to obtain

This option allows our students the financial means to further their studies, without having to find the cash elsewhere, and pay high fees and interest rates, and also steers them clear of debt before they have even left their studies. professional degrees, for example, designing, can cost substantially more.

It may not always be possible to come up with the fees needed to pursue this career choice. But we can assist you in getting to your dream faster.

Follow these simple application steps:

  • Basic online loan application process lowing you to receive an outcome on your student loan quickly
  • You can receive your approval and loan within the same week of your application
  • Loans offered to all enrolled students
  • Competitive repayment solutions
  • No requirement for assurances, co-endorsers, or collateral

Loan application criteria:

  • to be 18 years or older
  • be of Australian residency / a citizen of the country
  • be enrolled at The Academy
  • have the financial backing to prove you are able to repay the instalments on your loan
  • have a guarantor to sign on their behalf should they not meet the above criteria.

Get quick approval and quick payout

We look forward to having another group of successful students in our university making us proud. We care for each of our students and want to see them turn their passion into their careers.

If we can assist you in any way possible, feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our counsellors and let us guide you in the right direction.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

The Academy of Design has become a friendly financial provider I can run to whenever I am in need.

Charlie W
— Brisbane —

May 2019

The agents at the Academy of Design will never give you a loan you can’t afford to pay; they will always ensure that you get the best credit offers.

Emily W
— Melbourne —

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