About – Mozo

Mozo in Australia have over 300 000 clients which are using our loan search engine, to find the specific loan to match their needs.

We have vast experience in the lending industry to assist all clients as well as students, in finding the right loan to meet their needs.

An incredible array of choices

We boast a platform which includes 1800 financial options from 180+ lenders.

From these lenders, you can find the perfect match in your quest to finding a student cash loan to cover your studies or student loans which can help you pay for tuition.

We've Been Around for a While

No we are not new in the industry; we have worked extremely hard to get negotiated rates and a team of accredited lenders on board our services.

This has allowed all clients looking for finance to get a competitive deal from a lender who will offer the best loans to help you with your finances.

Services – Mozo

eMozo in Australia offer student loans as part of our services range. Clients can apply on our website as all our services are technology driven and all completed online through streamlined services.

Our goal is to provide speed, efficiency, security and excellence through every transaction and search we undergo for every client.

Experienced Consultants

We provide one of the quickest loan searches in the country, and have a team of experienced consultants on board our team if our clients need any further assistance.

We can also search for student credit card options, so students can have the flexibility and the backup credit on hand for when those extra costs arise.

Need a Back up for your Student Days?

Having an emergency loan will always come in handy, to cover rent, text books and other essentials.

Our lenders offer incredible rates, with fixed rates throughout your loan term and flexible repayment terms to help you afford your loan and maintain your budget.

Summary of Services

  • Home loans
  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Savings accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Bank accounts
  • Travel insurance

Mozo Australia offers Student Loans to Help you Reach your Goals

Mozo in Australia will search, compare and match your requirements and loan criteria to the best lender we can find.

We have the experience and the resources to offer clients a service, which will take the hassle and the time out of you trying to do the search yourself.

No limits

This is why so many students are now using our services, as students are finding quick results when searching for the best student loans in the market through our services.

Students can save on time and on cash, when we find them the best deals, best rates and best lenders offering the value added services they need when taking their studies further.

Further your studies and reach your goals

We understand that when you are studying, it’s not always easy to find a permanent well-paying job whilst still trying to get your studies done.

A lot of our lenders will offer you the choice of letting your parents sign surety on the loan for you if you don’t earn enough to qualify yourself. You can also make an online loan application rather than visiting the lender.

Let us take your future to the next level

Mozo in Australia is fully backed by a team of financial experts, who can offer their experience in guidance and assistance in what the best options would be for you, and help you with your student finance search going forward.

 Contact Details

Level 11 263 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Ph: 02 9037 4381