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About CQ University

CQUniversity in Australia have extensive experience in educating bright young students and helping them with their student finance needs.

We Connect with Students in a Unique Way

We are an eminent research foundation and a benchmark pioneer for how Universities ought to connect with their new and current students, our accomplishments in the course of recent years has been proof of the potential we offer our students and with a goal of brilliance, social advancement and group engagement immovably in future grduates.

The University conveys more than 300 categories of study fields from short courses and authentications, through to undergrad, postgraduate and research degrees.

CQ University Boasts Better Results

CQ University additionally has some of the highest graduate results in the country as well as a full-time graduate business rate of 81.1 percent.

This figure is very nearly 10 percent higher than the national norm of 71.3 percent for Australian four year college education graduates.

CQ University Services

CQUniversity in Australia offer specialised student loan facilities. Our student loan facilities are intended to help learners who are encountering cash related challenges, particularly where financial conditions impact on study.

Need Financial Assistance for Everyday Costs?

Advances are accessible for enrolled students at CQUniversity to help with everyday costs, for example, lease of apartments, telephone bills and text books.

You can likewise utilize the student loan to pay for other course related costs. Students can obtain a student loan up to $1000. This is a higher offering than what other institutes offer.

How to Apply and Neccessary Supporting Documents

To apply for a loan, students are to complete the application forms and submit via email, fax or post. Any questions or queries can be answered by our staff that is available on email or telephone.

The Student Loan applications require supporting documentation keeping in mind the end goal to be evaluated. Students are advised and encouraged to check that all details of the application are completed, for quick processing.

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CQU Student Loans, Australia's door to education

A typical misinterpretation is that grants and scholarships are accessible only to students with high qualifications.

While a few grants depend on scholarly performance, there are a lot of others that concentrate on other criteria, for example, program of study, home area, group engagement or low individual income.

Financial Aid for Deserving Students from Low Income Families

Scholars that have some of the highest educational potential, often come from areas where income is at the minimum, and we take into consideration what their potential is during our evaluation.

Students can easily apply for financial support by presenting a completed online loan application and supporting documentation, for every grant you are applying for.

The more information you submit, the better your chances of getting your scholarship.

Email your application to scholarships@cqu.edu.au.

Emailing your application will guarantee a quicker turnaround time and guarantees you have verification of presenting your application, and also an electronic duplicate for future reference. 

We also offer assistance in increasing your budget capacity through empowering budge management guidance.

We help you manage your finances, without getting into too much debt during your education years.

Why We're Different

What makes us different is that students can apply for a scholarship before registering for a course.

Our student loans are highly competitive, offering low interest options with a credit facility for low income students.  

We believe in our students, we believe in the potential of the successful futures, this is why we go above and beyond to support them and nurture them throughout their studying years.

We will do what we can to ensure they can get the education the need to be a success in future years.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

The interest rates that I am paying on my CQ University student loan are the reason why I haven’t changed my financial service provider.

Peter J
— Albany —

May 2019

Finally, I found myself a credit provider that I can afford to pay on a monthly basis.

Williams W
— Cairns —

May 2019

Thank you CQ University for attending to my loan application on the very same day I applied for credit.

Grace W
— Adelaide —

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