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About – Teachers Mutual Bank

If you're employed in the education sector - Teachers Mutual Bank believes you have the most important job in the work and we value you more than you could imagine.

A Bank that Cares

We offer affordable and highly flexible financial products and services to people who are employed in the education sector and their families.

From affordable home and car loans to personal loans for emergencies we have both long and short-term loan designed just for you. We also offer a range of credit cards, bank accounts and insurance products designed just for you!

Get a Loan Today

Whether you need to buy a car or finally make that trip you've been talking about for months you can get it done with a personal cash loan from the Teachers Mutual Bank.

We offer very convenient loan amounts, affordable rates and quick turnaround times like you've never seen before!

Services – Teachers Mutual Bank

At Teachers Mutual Bank we offer a wide range of financial services in Australia - We can help you to make the most out of your career and achieve your financial goals.

Our Range for Members

At Teachers Mutual Bank we require you to register to become a member of our lovely community to apply for a short-term micro-loan, a home loan, a credit card or any of the other products that we have on offer. Becoming a member is quick, easy and have a long list of fantastic benefits that moves beyond access to loans and credit.

Finance Made Simple

As a teacher we know that you're very busy working hard and ensuring that your knowledge is being passed on - so you need financial solutions and personal lending services that are simple, quick and affordable. At Teachers Mutual Bank we strive to make finance simple - even when other banks and lenders don't seem to care.  

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM loans
  • CAR loans
  • PERSONAL loans

How to apply for a loan with Teachers Mutual Bank

At Teachers Mutual Bank we offer a range of products that are competitive, personal loans that are affordable and solutions that are simple.

Although we offer rates that can compete with even the biggest banks and corporate lenders we don’t treat our member like numbers in a system.

Great Customer Service

When it comes to customer service banks claim to be terrific but tend to let their customers down. Since our customers are the most important and valued part of our business we have worked hard to ensure we can offer you top-class customer service along with our great short-term loans that will leave a smile on your face. Whether you interact with us by email, by phone or by coming in to see u in branch - our great staff will take care of your every need and attend to you in the most professional and efficient manner.

Become a Member

If you want to access our fantastic range of financial products and services why not register to become a member with Teachers Mutual Bank? It's easy to become a member and you can fill out the form online. Becoming a member means that you can access our personal loan products, credit cards, insurance packages and more in the simple click o a button. Whether you have a specific credit product in mind or just want to change to a bank that understands you better - Teachers Mutual Bank is the place to get what you need.

Our Loan Products

If you want to take a much deserved holiday with the family, pay for a wedding, buy new furniture or renovate your home our long and short term loan products will do the job! We offer loan amounts from $2,000 to $80,000 and you can make your repayments work for your by choosing a loan term of between 6 months and 6 years. These flexible loan amounts and loan terms make our loans affordable for teachers and their families across the country and simply fit into any budget like a glove.

Some of our Loan Features:

  • REPAY early with no penalty fees
  • LOW rates - Representative 13,90% APR
  • FLEXIBLE loan amounts from $2,000 to $80,000
  • LOAN terms from 6 months to 6 years 

 Contact Details

28-38 Powell Street, NSW, Homebush, 2140, Australia
Ph: +61 2 9735 9111 / +61 2 9735 9331

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PO Box 7501, Silverwater, 2128, Australia

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  • Monday 09:00 – 17:00
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