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OK Money

About – OK Money

OK Money is one of the Australia's most advanced, innovative and efficient short-term loan providers.

We offer loan to people with poor credit, to people who are unemployed and even those who are on benefits.

Fill in the Gap

OK Money provides quick cash loans to customers when they have encountered a shortage of cash and need to take care of a bill or make some sort of purchase.

We do not charge any interest on our loans but rather, charge you 20% of the capital loan amount.

Transparent Fees

When it comes to our fees we are 100% open with you, or customer before you even make a personal loan application. You can view our complete list of fees on our fees page which is available on our website.

Why should you have to guess what a loan will cost you? 

Services – OK Money

At OK Money we offer the most flexible, affordable and transparent short-term micro loans.

We range from the smallest payday cash loans to the larger medium sized loans for people who need a little more.

Do you have Bad Credit?

Bad credit is usually seen as the end of the world since banks and most large online lenders won't approve you for a personal cash loan if your credit score is low. At OK Money we will ignore your credit history and look at your income and expenses to determine if we can lend you money.

Online and In-branch Application

We are primarily an online lender who offer quick cash loans online but, we also have a range of branches across Australia which serves those customers who prefer to talk to a person when applying for a loan. Whether you make an online loan application or come in and see us we will help you get your loan credited easily and quickly. 

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Summary of Services

  • QUICK CASH loans
  • PERSONAL loans

How to Apply for a Loan at OK Money

OK Money is a unique AU lender that has built strong relationships with our customers over the years - we don’t believe that lenders should treat their customers like mere numbers and that why we always add a personal touch to each application, loan and query.  

Innovation and Technology

Since the majority of our loan transactions and application happen over the internet we know that innovation and technology is a critical part of what keeps us competitive. We offer 100% online instant cash loan application that our customers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from their own homes. Our website is secured with the latest technology in online security and you application will remain 100% confidential.

Simple Application

Why waste time completing a loan application form that doesn’t make sense? Why waste time making a loan application online when a lender will later contact you and ask you to scan or email your bank statements or pay slips? At OK Money we know what we're doing and will not waste your time. If you apply online we will gather everything we need to process you application and credit your loan - we will even ask you to upload your bank statements right then and there - while you're busy making your initial application.

Loans on Offer:

What can I do with a Loan?

What you do with you short-term micro-loan is entirely up to you. You can pay for medical or veterinarian bills, go shopping for new clothes, change you old car tires, take a small holiday, buy appliances or a new phone and just about anything else you can think of. At OK Money we're all about variety and flexibility and can structure a loan package that meets your needs while also remaining very affordable.

How Long will it take?

Taking out a personal cash loan is simple with OK Money and will only take you about an hour - from start to finish - if you are a new customer. If you are an existing customer you can get a loan in just 30 minutes by logging in to you account and making a quick loan request. Before going through with an application please make use of our online loan calculators to work out exactly how much it will cost you to take out a particular loan amount. 

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