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Cash Direct

About – Cash Direct

Since 2008, Cash Direct has been providing hassle-free short term loans to Australians.

Our finance company is a licensed credit provider. It is a member of the ASIC-approved dispute resolution organisation - the Credit Ombudsman Service.

We know that any person can require a small amount of cash quickly every now and then

That is why we offer low-cost short term loan solutions, which are efficient, simple and fast. They are readily available to customers who would not qualify for credit facilities from major banks. We strive to ensure that our clients receive the granted funds on the same day or on the next business day for maximum convenience.

We are more than a loan provider

We lend responsibly to ensure that none of our customers ever gets stuck with debt. We assist them with reviewing their loan options. We help borrowers with bad credit history to improve it and to gain access to a wider array of more affordable credit facilities. We train consumers on protecting and improving their credit profile.

Services – Cash Direct

There is no faster way to get cash than using the services of Cash Direct.

We offer quick short term personal loans, which are designed to meet the various needs of Australians.

You can use a loan when you are faced with an unexpected tax bill or when your car has broken down and requires timely repair. It is effective for dealing with different sorts of emergencies.

Our interest rates are highly competitive 

And the repayment term and structure are easy to understand. You can borrow from $600 to $2,000. The repayment term is 6 months. All people who receive income can apply for our loans. We are able to provide finance not only to Australians who have a permanent job, but also to pensioners and Centrelink benefit recipients.

Personalised short term loans

We will, however, take into account your personal income and expenditure when determining your individual eligibility for our loans. You need to be able to pay back what you borrow.

Summary of Services

  • CASH Loans
  • CHEAP CAR Loan
  • LOANS for Single Mothers

Cash Direct Loans is your one stop cash shop

Short-term cash loans are a quick loan resolution for a little quantity of between $600-$2,000 that's repaid over six months.

It’s designed to assist with cash emergencies and unexpected bills or expenses that needs payment quickly, and usually when we don’t have the cash on hand at the time. Cash Direct has grown from the bottom up, from the early days of 2008, Cash Direct was granted a credit license, and started helping people through the country with financial assistance.

Cash Direct in Australia is offering short term loans

With the worldwide economy crisis impacting banks and lenders round the world since early 2008, it has been much easier for customers needing cash to come straight to us when they need instant finance.

The Cash Direct solution helps our customer’s access cash loans that they'll otherwise not have access to from other lenders like banks. We aim to have cash in our client’s bank account within a day or next business day to cater for his or her financial needs as well as busy lifestyles.

We know you don’t have time to waste

With life being hectic and schedules being busy, we know that there is just no time to be waited. This goes without saying, that when you need money in a hurry, you need it quick.

As an accountable investor we are obligated to lend an amount which is affordable to the limits of our clients. We stick to these laws, so that that we don’t over compensate you with debt and more financial burdens. We give you what you can afford, and are always looking out for your wellbeing.

At Cash Direct we treat our customers as our greatest asset

Our slogan is “We Help”. We treat our customers with the respect they definitely deserve and do our greatest to assist our clients in every way we can to make their financial situation a little easier.

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