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About – Quick & Easy Finance

Quick & Easy Finance is a reliable, well-established and respected lender that serves employees of the Government, Medical and educational sectors with affordable quick cash loans.

Loans for the People

At Quick & Easy Finance we offer simple, effortless and affordable payday cash loans to the people we believe have the most important jobs in the country - people just like you. If you're a teacher, a government employee or a nurse - we will very likely be able to provide you with credit to do the things you really want to do!

Flexible Finance

While banks stir up a lot of hype with their marketing campaigns which claim to care about you the truth is most banks view their customers as merely numbers in a system - a system designed to benefit them more than the people they serve. Quick & Easy Finance is an alternative lender founded to curb this very nasty, one-sided deal that we've been taught to view as acceptable.

Services – Quick & Easy Finance

At Quick & Easy Finance we aim to provide every day, working Australians with financial solutions that can benefit them in more ways than one.

Secured Loans

With Quick & Easy Finance you can get a secured quick cash loan by offering your vehicle up as security for the loan. This is ideal for situations where the applicant does not have a good credit score and/or wants to loan more than $5,000 but, no more than $20,000, which is the limit at Quick & Easy Finance.

Unsecured Loans

This is by far more popular than the secured personal loans we offer since people do not have to own a vehicle or a home to be able to get the credit they want.

If you have a good credit history or want to borrow a smaller sum of cash this unsecured loan option would be ideal for you. 

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  • PAYDAY Loans

How to apply for instant cash loans at Quick & Easy Finance

We want to bring simple, fast and affordable short-term loan solutions to average Australian who work hard day-to-day for their money.

Whether you've taken out a loan with Quick & Easy Finance in the past or are exploring your options - at the end of the day you'll know that we're more than just another lender and we plan to keep it that way!

Using a Loan Calculator

Perhaps you've already decided on how much you'd like to borrow but are not sure on the loan term that would be most suitable. Using a loan calculator will allow you to easily see exactly what your loan repayments will look like but, a more important consideration to base you decision on is your monthly budget.

Ensure you do not take out a longer loan term than you need to because you'll end up paying more in interest but, if you choose a loan term that is too short you may end up missing payments and incurring penalty fees and no one wants that less than we do!

The Simple Process

When you take out a payday loan what you are really paying for is not to lend money but to lend money online - fast. At Quick & Easy Finance we will not hide any of the steps in the loan application process and have you wondering how 2 minutes turned in 2 hours.

We will begin the loan application online where you be required to fill in an application form. This can be done online, by downloading the form to your computer or by calling our call center. Once this has been completed we will process it and provide you with a yes or no answer.

If it's a yes we will then ask you to provide us with some supporting documentation. This include an identity document, proof of address, 2 months' pay slips and 3 months bank statements.

We will then process these documents and then compile a loan agreement or contract which we will sent to you for signing.

Once signed and returned we will the transfer the quick cash loan to your bank account immediately. This process takes between 2 and 4 days - there it is all the application steps you'll go through at Quick & Easy Finance with no steps skipped!

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