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About – Personal Loans for You

Personal Loans for You offer you quick cash loans - at one of the fastest and most reliable online lending service in Australia - find out for yourself just how fast!

Reliable and Transparent

When you're looking for a lender you want someone who you can trust. Some who you know for sure will be there today, tomorrow and next year - available to assist you and if need be, provide you with a second personal loan.

We are exactly this lender that you're looking for - with a well-established history, lots of happy customers and staff who make it all possible.

Who we Are

At the core of our company lies a team of passionate people who are genuinely trying to make the lives of our customers by providing them with quick cash loans, perfect loan amounts and great service. The fact that we are an online lender means that we can process and credit loans to our customers much faster than a bank or store-front lender ever could. 

Services – Personal Loans for You

We offer short term cash loans that are transparent, flexible and all-round perfect for the average Australian. 

Get a Loan TODAY!

So let's say that you need to pay your child's school fees but will be left penniless for the rest of the month if you do. Perhaps borrowing from a friend or family member is an option but, if not then what could you do? At Personal Loans for You we can offer you the quick cash you need to cover that bill without having to empty out your pockets completely.

Secured and Unsecured

We offer short-term cash loans from $300 to $5,000 - with both a secured and unsecured loan option available. If you have bad credit and can't be approved for an unsecured loan and need more than $2,000 - you can provide security in exchange for a small personal loan and get great rates that you would otherwise not be able to access. We offer both secured and unsecured loan options - the choice is yours!

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • QUICK Loans
  • CASH Loans
  • INSTANT Finance

Apply for a quick loan with Personal Loans for You & get your money, today!

When applying for a fast cash loan you can apply for a loan today and get your money TODAY!

We're not a store front lender and will never act like one - making you fill in paperwork only to have you wait around for hours and days just to get wind on whether or not your application is a success.

With us you can apply in just minutes, get conditionally approved in minutes and have your loan credited on the very same day.

Can you Apply?

We will never turn anyone away merely because they have a blemish or two on their credit reports or because they don’t fit some mould of what a customer should look like. We access each and every short-term loan applicant individually - putting a lot of heart into it.

Generally speaking though we do require applicants to be aged 18 or over, to be employed with a regular income or self-employed and have at least 3 months worth of bank statements that can prove this regular income.

Choosing a Loan

When you need cash fast you may be tempted to take any offer that comes your way but, at Personal Loans for You we want to ensure that the loan you eventually get is one that will actually meet all of your needs and leave you feeling satisfied.

There is no point for you to get approved for $300 if you actually need $500 - and so, we listen to your needs and try to make a plan to meet them. We always treat you fairly and with respect and this is probably one of the reasons customers choose to recommend us to their friends and family.

Supporting Documents

We will need a drivers license, birth certificate or passport as an identity documents, 3 months bank statements, 2 pay slips and proof of address in the form of a bill. Once you've completed our online loan application form we will contact you to request these documents. This is because we first want to make sure you meet our very basic lending requirements before asking you to provide supporting documents.

This will save you time and ensure that you don’t feel like we've wasted your time. If you need a quick cash loan today - come to Personal Loans for You and we will help you get it fast!

 Contact Details

505/152 Bunnerong Rd, Eastgardens, NSW, 2036, Australia
Ph: +61 1300 800 260