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About – Payday Rocks

Payday Rocks in Australia will get you back in control of your budget. We have our client’s best interests at heart when it comes to lending cash in a responsible manner.

We will not exceed what your budget can afford, keeping our customers out of long term debts which spiral out of control. We have a history for being convenient, fast and efficient in our lending services in Australia.

Customised lending solutions

Our clients get a full service from fast online loan applications and pay-outs, customised lending solutions and repayment terms and full support from a team of experienced consultants who all have invalid knowledge of the financial industry.

Superior service delivery

We will deliver on our promise of providing the best possible lending service for your fast loan needs, while keeping in line with the regulations of the lending act.

Get superior service delivery throughout your partnership with Payday Rocks, and get the value of being part of a company who cares about your finances. 

Services – Payday Rocks

Payday Rocks in Australia offer clients so many ways to get out of their financial concerns.

We offer quick cash loan options that are affordable and minimal risk to all consumers.

Payday Loans up to $2,000

Get a payday loan of $600 instantly and pay it back at your next pay day.

We offer short term loans ranging from $400 to $2000 and can be paid off over 12 months. You get to choose how much you need and let us know how long you can afford to pay it off over.

Easily apply for quick cash

Use your loan to pay off emergency bills, or to take a little break away from your busy lives.

No Paperwork Needed

Our personal loans are all processed online with no paperwork, making the process even quicker and getting you your cash within the same day.

We don’t do any scrutinising of your credit scores, we simply assist you where we can, and offer the convenience and speed you deserve.

Summary of Services

  • FAST CASH loans
  • PAYDAY loans
  • SAME-DAY loans

Payday Rocks is an alternative lender – offering same-day loans for instant cash relief

Payday Rocks is the financial lending company you can definitely rely on for fast financing. For fast, efficient online services, you don’t have to look any further.

When you need cash the same day – we have it for you right now. We don’t mind what you use your quick cash loan for, as long as you can pay it back over the stipulated terms of your agreement.

Missed a Payment or Two in the Past? We can Help.

We offer quick loans to clients who are permanently employed and receiving a steady income, as well as clients who are self-employed.

We know keeping your credit score clean is not an easy thing to do, so we don’t mind if you don’t have a perfect scoring, we will still do our best to help you.

Communication is Key to Success

During your contract period, should you undergo any financial problems, and not be able to pay off your emergency loan over a month or two, discuss with us, we will assist in making alternate repayment arrangements.

We can also extend your repayment term – communication in this regard will help you.

Apply Online or Contact us for More Information

Apply now on our simple to use loan application online, it takes only 2 minutes! Get approved in 10 minutes and have the cash you need in your account within the hour!

It's Quick & Easy to Apply

It’s easier than ever, and quicker than before to get that quick cash loan when you really need some extra finances. Contact our consultants via telephone or email to assist you any time with questions regarding your loan, we are at your service disposal when you need us.

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