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About – Moula

We're excited to meet you and get to know you - let's partner-up and make the most of what's likely to be a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship!

We are NOT a Bank

Tired of having some know-it-all sitting behind a monitor at your bank tell you that you can't get a business loan because your business does not meet some secret lending criteria?

Tired of having to wait for days just to find out if you qualify for a loan - never mind get one? Moula can help you in ways you never dreamed possible - and we can do it today!

Meet out Team

Moula is a young, vibrant and innovative lender that provides short-term cash loans to businesses in Australia.

Moula was founded by a trio of technologically-minded people with a passion for finance and a big idea. What started off as an idea to revolutionize the way that business owners across the country get finance turned into something bigger than what was envisioned. We also now have a dedicated team of leader who work on making sure Moula remains a leader in the market. 

Services – Moula

At Moula we offer business loans that can be credited to your business bank account in just 24 hours!

Getting a Loan from us

We believe we're more than just an online lender - we believe that we are a tool that is helping Australian businesses stay afloat, succeed and grow to meet their potential.

At Moula we strive to make applying for a short-term loan as easy and painless as possible so we offer a 100% online loan application process that is streamlined and makes use of advanced technology. You can not only fill in our loan application online but you can allow us to access your business information online so you don’t have to do more than you need to and so we can process your application fast.

Loan Terms and Features

At Moula we do not charge any early repayment fees, hidden charges, establishment fees and so on; we're a transparent lender that will always be clear and concise when it comes to telling you what it's going to cost. If you need a quick loan for your business get in touch with us because chances are we're going to be able to help you much more appropriately and quicker than any bank or online lender out there!

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Summary of Services

  • Business loans
  • Short term loans
  • Loan applications online
  • Quick cash loans

Moula - your new-found Secret to Better Business

Moula is an alternative lender offering quick business loans - 100% online! Perhaps you need to buy stock or equipment or, maybe you just need additional cash flow to tide you over when things are a little slow but, whatever your financial needs may be our fast and affordable cash loans can help you achieve your aims and goals.

Loan Amounts & Terms

We offer a massive loan range that stretches from a convenient $5,000 to a decent $250,000! This means that our loans can help both small and medium sized businesses survive and even thrive - no matter what they may be facing! Our quick loan terms are also another great feature of our superior business loan products - offer a term from 6 to 12 months - so you get what you need and pay it back quickly to avoid excessive interest!

What you Need to Apply

While banks seem to try to do everything in their power to prevent business owners from getting financed we're the exact opposite - doing everything we can to help you get the quick cash loan you need as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We won't ask you for a business plan or a detailed budget that will take you forever to set up - we just need the bare minimum to ensure that we're making a responsible lending decision.

We will require:

  • That your business has been in operation for a year or longer
  • That you have an ABN
  • That you have a net income of $5,000 or more per month
  • That shareholders have a good or fair credit score

Three Step Process

First we will need you personal information as well as that of any other shareholders and all you business details. We will then ask you to link to your business information via Xero and finally, provide us with your banking account details. This entire process will take you no more than 15 minutes and will allow us to swiftly process your request and make you an offer! When you need a business loan forget expensive online lenders and red-tape loving banks - use Moula and revolutionize the way that you see and do business financing and banking in minutes!

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Level 15, 535 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia
Ph: +61 1300 885 893
Em: partners@moula.com.au

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