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About – Loans Direct

Loans Direct offer Australians quick and affordable credit solutions from car loans to debt consolidation and personal cash loans - we have the product to suit your needs.

With so many lenders out there - both online and store-front - it's hard to make a decision and find the right loan but Loans Direct can solve this problem.

Finding the Right Loan

Applying for a personal cash loans, car loan or any form of credit is no simple process with a range of different products available both in-branch from traditional lenders and bank and online.

We offer a loan brokerage service and comparison service that will help you find the loan you need quickly and easily.

Comparing Products

We offer Australians the ability to find and compare a variety of different quick cash loans, car loans and even bad credit loans. This allows you to find the perfect loan type, loan amount, loan term and even the lowest interest rates available. 

Services – Loans Direct

We offer a loan comparison service that helps people just like you find, compare and apply for a quick cash loan online

Competitive Lenders in AU

We offer an unbiased and accurate loan comparison service - so we're not tied to a particular lender or product. You can compare lenders and loans based on the amounts they offer, the loan terms or the interest rates and fees.

You can also choose to select a loan based on which lender offers the fastest loan processing and crediting.

Applying Online

When you use Loans Direct to find a personal cash loan, a car loan or any other type of credit - you can rest assured that the lender will have online loan application facilities.

This means that you can get a loan without ever leaving your home and cut the application processing time by more than three quarters. 

Summary of Services

  • CAR Loans
  • QUICK Loans

How to apply for a fast loan with Loans Direct

Applying for a loan with Loans Direct is fairly simple - all you need to  do is select the loan type that you're interested in, select a loan amount and loan term and then you'll instantly be able to compare the various loans and lenders that meet your search requirements.

Secured versus Unsecured

At Loans Direct we offer both secured and unsecured loan comparisons. For small loan amounts for things such as a wedding, holidays and the purchase of a car you can apply for a quick unsecured cash loan while, for bigger loan amounts a secured loan will offer better rates and larger loan amounts.

Choosing the most Appropriate Loan

When you use Loans Direct to compare various credit products you can choose to compare depending on what your needs are - from the loan amount to the best representative APR's. You can even use two metrics to refine your search and choose the best loan product. Whatever your personal loan needs may be we can help you sort through the coal to find the diamond you're looking for!

Getting an Obligation Free Quote

When you're applying for a loan chances are that you're a little nervous - what if you won't be approved? What if you don’t meet the lenders criteria? What if you can't get the loan amount that you want? Take uncertainty out of the equation and get a loan that meets your needs and that will always give you a big, fat YES! With Loans Direct you can fill in a quick quote form and get an obligation free quote in just a minute! This will let you be sure that you can get what you need - quickly and easily!

Loan Application Requirements

Although requirements vary from lender to lender - most lenders will have the same basic requirements which includes:

  • That the applicant be 21 years or older (sometimes 18 or over)
  • That the applicant be a resident or citizen of Australia
  • That the applicant be employed and earn more than $500 a week
  • That they have a stable address history

Applying Online Quickly and Easily

Once you’ve found a quick loan and lender that interests you and meets your needs you can then simply click on the lenders offer and be directed to their loan application page. Here you will be required to fill in your personal information, your employment information, your income and expenses as well as provide an ID and 3 months bank statements. With Loans Direct you can rest assured that you're getting the best loan that the market has to offer! 

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