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Loan Zone WA

About – Loan Zone WA

When you need cash in a hurry wehave a range of loans and services to tend to all your requirements. We offer quick loans which are incredible competitive in the industry.

Loan Zone WA are fast thinkers, fast movers and creative in our thinking. Over the years, we have derived alternate methods through innovations and experience to build an empire of loaning products for Australians.

Years of experience and a list of happy clients

We have years of experience and a list of happy clients, to sow for our methods and customer driven service.

Keeping our services fast and simple

Keeping our services fast and simple, our communication open and our platforms revolutionary, our clients save not only in their rates and fees, but in time that it takes to apply for a loan online and get their emergency cash.

We are confident that our goal of being the best short term cash lending company in the country is a reach away; let us help you build your future.

Services – Loan Zone WA

At Loan Zone WA in Australia, clients can expect to get the fast cash loans they need to get back on track. We offer reasonable loan amounts of $500 to $2000.

Same Day Loan Approvals

Quick cash loans are approved on the same day, with a simple online loan application form which takes only a few minutes to complete.

Our clients have the benefits of same day cash allowing you to pay off those urgent accounts or to use as you please.

Versatile and Flexible Loans

Our loans are versatile as well as flexible giving you repayment options to suit what you can afford to pay off up to 12 months.

There is no need to put your home up for security; our loans are unsecured, making them even easier to access.

Our short-term loans are totally unique, with no interest making them exclusively the product of choice, as well as fixed fees to ensure you don’t have any increased amounts added to your overall loan amount.

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Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • BAD CREDIT Loans

Loan Zone WA offers a quick cash loan to resolve your emergency

Loan Zone WA have so many benefits adding to our service delivery on clients fast loan needs. Our loans have no complicated processes; they are straight forward, easy to understand and very easy to apply for.

No need for security to take out a Loan

We offer unsecured and practical benefits without asking too much of you. Our contracts are all in line with the National Consumer Credit Act, so the limit to the amount we lend is no more than $2,000 with instalment plans over a period of 3 o 12 months.

What you'll Need to Apply

Our personal micro loans are open to all applicants who are 18 years or older and have citizenship of the country. Proof of income and banking statements will be asked for at the point of application.

We also assist Centrelink and bad credit scoring clients, as we believe equality in our services and do not discriminate.

Cash is obtained fast! 

Within 24 hours of your online loan application, our clients can expect direct deposits of their cash on the same day of your application.

We don’t call them quick cash loans for nothing!

Repayments on your loan can be made via debit order at no extra charge. Should you wish to pay off your loan earlier than the contracted timeline, we don’t charge any extra fees.

Should you undergo time periods when paying off your instalment is a problem, speak to us, we will listen! Our consultants will discuss alternate options with you to arrange that you do no fall into arrears.

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16 Essex st, Fremantle, WA, 6160, Australia
Ph: +61 8 9335 5232
Fx: +61 (08) 9430 6554
Em: info@loanzonewa.com.au