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About – Crazy Cash

Crazy Cash offers Australian clients a faster and more efficient way of getting cash when they need it.

With an experienced team operated in conjunction with Pingtree PTY Ltd, we have the ability to assess and deliver on our clients lending needs, making sure you get the best benefits and rates on your quick loans.

Being an online company, we strive to make solutions streamlined, quick and safe for all Australians using our services.

Reliable, Secure and Speedy Cash Loans

We are the reliable financial company our clients expect from service delivery; with impeccable nature and products to suit every need.We will do what it takes to employ responsible lending alternatives and satisfaction guaranteed services.

Our personal micro loans are easily obtained with minimal requirements and a turnaround time which is highly competitive in the lending market.Quick cash, secure platforms and a range of services that will have you spoilt for choice, remains our goal in providing the best fit solution for you.

Services – Crazy Cash

Crazy Cash has made the financial aspect of your life a lot easier!

Through speed of our applications and pay outs and the long term customer care you will receive, we stand out amongst the lending companies in Australia.

With only three simple and quick steps, we can get you the quick loan you need – today!

We accept all clients - even those with a bad credit score

Our process is completely paperless! All applications are done online; even your contract can be e-signed and submitted.We have one of the highest approval rates in the country on our applications. A tailor made lending solution customised for each individual.

Let us get you the cash when you need it and give you much less to worry about. Our personal cash loans are offered in short term and pay day loan options.Payday loans are to be paid at your next pay date in full, with short term loans allowing a specific time frame to pay off over stipulated weeks or months.

Summary of Services

  • PAYDAY Loans
  • QUICK Loans

Crazy Cash can provide the finance you require to get you back on your budget

Crazy Cash is a brokerage firm in Australia, servicing all clients who are in need of fast loans.

With innovation and technology positioned as one of our beneficial contributes to our clients, we will source and match a lender which best suits you in times of financial need.

Finding the Right Loan is Easy

We aim to help all who apply for cash online with us. Australian nationals with valid ID documents, banking account with a salary going in regularly and who are 18 years and older, are eligible to get finance through our company. Our process is simple!

No paperwork to complete, just a quick application online which will start your loan application off – let us do the rest.

A Customer Orientated Approach to Loans 

Whether it is a quick cash loan you need or a loan a little bigger, we have the resources to get you back on your budget, with no hassles and same day pay outs of your loan.

With our customer orientated approach, we have one goal, and that is to help your customers as best we can.

Low Fees and Interest Rates

We understand that one little slip up in a payment can affect your credit score dramatically. We don’t judge our clients in these situations, and will assist you even with a bad credit score. Terms and conditions do apply.

If one of our lenders declines your bad credit loan application because of this situation, we will go out and find another firm to back you up financially.

Our fees are incredibly low, and we benchmark our competitors fees to ensure we keep ours lower – for the sake of our clients.

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