About – HSBC Bank

HSBC Group is part of HSBC Holdings whose headquarters are based in London.

The group offers its financial and banking products and services in more than 75 countries and territories in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. It serves millions of customers via a network of more than 6,300 offices. Its assets are worth more than US$2,758.

Global leaders & major innovators in the industry.

In Australia, HSBC Group has two principal members - HSBC Bank Australia and the Hong King and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

The Group has 37 offices and branches around the country. Its comprehensive range of services includes retail and commercial banking, trade finance, financial planning, financial markets and treasury markets, cash and payment management services and securities custody.

It caters to the various financial needs of a large number of individual, business and institutional clients.

Services – HSBC Bank

You can use an HSBC personal cash loan for many different purposes.

You can pay for the renovation of your home or for a holiday which you have always dreamed of. You can purchase a new car or repay existing debt.

We help you, make your plans a reality.

You can select a loan amount which matches your needs precisely. We offer highly competitive interest rates which are among the best in the market. You can decide whether to fix the interest rate or to keep it variable. It depends on whether you prefer to have more certainty or greater flexibility.

Our personal loans are straightforward and simple to understand.

We will sit down with you to discuss your precise needs. We will tailor the loan repayment term and structure to match your income, spending and lifestyle.

You can be certain that the loan will fit your budget perfectly.

Summary of Services

  • HOME Loans
  • CREDIT Cards
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • QUICK Personal Loans
  • BUSINESS Loans

HSBC Bank – We make your personal finance easier.

HSBC Bank in Sydney have opened a pathway for Australians looking for quick microfinance. Whatever you have in mind, whatever your financial requirements, no matter what your ideal needs are, make it happen with a personal cash loan in Sydney.

Low interest rates & fees for the lifetime of the loan.

A HSBC personal loan can be used for anything. Pay for a dream wedding, go on a wonderful holiday, pay off your debts or do those long awaited house renovations and building onto your home.

Fixed repayment terms through our transparent service to our clients – no hidden repayment costs anywhere down the line – you know exactly what to budget for.

We offer our clients competitive rates; pay only 11.99% per annum which is a fixed rate throughout the duration of the loan.

The comparison rate is predicated on an unsecured loan of $30,000 over the term of 5 years. This comparison rate is true just for the examples given and will not embrace all fees and charges. Variable terms, fees or alternative loan amounts may lead to a unique comparison rate.

Our unsecured HSBC personal loans are on highly competitive for existing HSBC customer. We can offer our customers personal loans from $5,000 to $50,000 through our online application platform, giving you instant cash in your bank account within hours of your approved application.

Fixed set monthly repayments for the lifetime of the loan ensure that you know what to budget for every month. Your instalments can be deducted directly from your bank account on a set date that suits you. This date can occur weekly, monthly or fortnightly. We are flexible and work within the boundaries of your budget.

Choose the terms that suit you!

You get to select terms from one - five years to fit your budget to pay off your personal loan.

No security needed when applying for a loan – no need to put your house down as collateral!

Additional payments can be made at your own discretion, and there is only a minimal fee for early payment of your loan.

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Ph: 61 2 9006 5888 / 1300 308 008
Fx: +61 2 9006 5440

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