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About – Aussie

Aussie began its micro finance and mortgage broking operations in 1992.

Now it has a wide network of brokers covering all major cities in Australia

The company has won numerous awards for its services. It has expanded its product range to include personal cash loans, travel and wedding loans, insurance and credit cards in addition to mortgage broking service.

The main driving force behind the company is its executive chairman John Symond.

After the acquisition of Wizard Home Loans and nMB, the company currently has a loan book of nearly $55 million. It has over 240,000 customers which receive professional service 24/7. We have more than 750 mortgage brokers in Australia.

We are dedicated to bringing innovation to the Australian mortgage and personal microloan industry.

One of our major goals is the implementation of advanced technology into our service and processed.

Our brokers use specially designed software to compare a wide variety of home loans fast.

Services – Aussie

The Aussie personal loans are quick to obtain and effective to use.

Sometimes your budget objectives and lifestyle are in a clash. We are here to restore the balance. We can help you pay for various purchases and projects conveniently. There is no point in saving for months to pay for a big-ticket item when you can find a loan which is affordable and easy to repay to finance the purchase.

You can have what you want right away and eliminate uncertainty from the equation.

We'll give you what you want, when you want it.

With us, you can make a confident step towards perfect financial freedom and flexibility. We are always at your service.

We have a long-term history of excellence. Over the years, we have built excellent reputation in the industry.

You can have complete trust in our professionalism and dependability when working with us to make your dreams reality.

Summary of Services

  • HOME Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • CREDIT Cards
  • QUICK Personal Loans
  • Insurance

Aussie – Personal loans through our accredited institute.

Aussie personal loans offer Australians a quick and easy way to access cash when they need it.

Our service include the comparison of over 20 major financial institutions in the country including major banking firms, to get a microloan for your needs.

Our services are free, no hidden costs, just a transparent personal service delivery to our clients through our accredited institute.

We offer more than the average microlender.

We give you super low rates, a choice of a number of flexible microfinance solutions, online or over the phone assistance when you need it and a quick application process, allowing you to get cash when you need it.

Getting a personal loan from Aussie in Annandale gives you the choice of endless possibilities with cash you need.

  • Take your dream holiday.
  • Finally completing your home renovations.
  • Getting your dream car, boat or motorbike.
  • Paying educational fees upfront to make use of an upfront discount.
  • Wedding or honeymoon you have always dreamt of.
  • Putting a deposit down on a new home.
  • Consolidating debts and becoming financially free.

Applying through Aussie has never been easier, our online platform makes life easier for you.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the loan application and the approval will be communicated to you within days.

Before you know it, you'll have cash in hand to use as you like.

Our repayment options make your budget stretch further, with minimal repayment terms over months, weeks or fortnightly, whatever suits you.

Our commitment and service delivery to our clients will continue to grow and through continuous technology we introduce simpler and easier ways for our clients to access money when they need it.

Should you have any queries of questions, feel free to contact one of our trained consultants, you can advise you and assist you with your concerns.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

They have helped me to take out my personal loan to Pay off a few of my debts and be able to pay my loan back ASAP.

Tara G
— Sidney —

February 2019

Couldn’t be happier with the service that I have been given at the company they have really taken the time to find out why I needed the loan and given it to me.

Gareth J
— Perth —

April 2019

They accepted my application and it didn’t even take that long to do the application and within no time at all they let me know.

Jennifer L
— Melbourne —

March 2019

I used the calculators that they offer to get my results of how much my loan will be per month.

Paige M
— Melbourne —

 Contact Details

363-367 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, WA, 6100, Australia
Ph: +61 1300 973 422
Fx: 02 9338 7718
Em: community@aussie.com.au
Em: annandale@aussie.com.au

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 – 17:00
  • Wednesday 09:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday 09:00 – 17:00
  • Friday 09:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday – Closed
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