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About Cigno Loans

When clients find themselves stuck in a tight spot, Cigno Loans has the answer – simple and quick.

Regardless of how much planning one does, there is always something that cannot be foreseen or accounted for in any attempt to maintain order and avoid distress. Like when you have carefully budgeted for the month, relying on payday to come along and take care of whatever is next. Until the next expense springs up suddenly, and of course there has been no provision made for it, leaving one vulnerable.

Bridge the gap with a payday loan

No one can predict when the car may give trouble, a plumbing problem crops up, doctor’s bills… That’s where Cigno can help, with a short-term loan called a Payday Loan to bridge the gap until payday, which is then paid right back on payday. Protecting and empowering clients is of paramount importance. Everyone deserves to make ends meet month to month, and that little lift can make all the difference.

Putting you first

At Cigno, your privacy is also protected. There may be many different personal reasons for which clients apply for a payday Loan and these do not need to be disclosed. The only concern we have is the amount required and assisting you in finding the most suitable type of payday loan to carry you through those tough times. When you are dealing with mounting bills or unexpected costs that would otherwise mean running short of funds before receiving your income for the month, reach out to Cigno where you will find expert advice and financial relief.

Cigno Loans Services

Cigno’s range of personalised payday loans is designed to help clients navigate their particular circumstances.

Professional staff will work with you to select the appropriate sort of loan depending on how soon funds are needed, financial capability, employment status, credit score, and more. The following choices are available.

No credit checks

If you have concerns about bad credit history or even no credit history and think you may not qualify for a loan, fear not as Cigno’s clever team has access to loans that do not require credit checks.

Bad credit friendly

Get a payday loan even if you have a low credit score. Interest rates are therefore a bit higher, however, your credit score will not affect your chances of securing the loan. So anyone can apply and all are equally favourable in our eyes because we care and understand all manner of financial strains. Don’t do it alone, the Cigno team is ready and waiting to accommodate you.

Small payday loans

Particularly set up for small amounts, this type of loan is perfect for when clients do not have a heavy expense but still need to cover themselves for a short stretch only.

Cigno Loans Payday loan

  • Loan Type Payday loans
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000

Benefits of Cigno Loans

  • High approval rates
  • Quick funding
  • Competitive terms

Quick and easy online loan applications

Loan applications can be submitted online via a form provided on the website.

Choose how you would like to make repayments and await approval from Cigno’s highly successful team. They will then review your requirements, financial capacity and payment commitments, in order to assess which loan option will be most suitable.

Convenience and efficiency

There are many advantages to taking your application online. Saving time is essential in today’s busy lifestyle. By avoiding standing in lines at banks and dealing with agents face-to-face, and by cutting down waiting periods for approval of loans and payment of funds, you are able to focus on the business of daily life knowing that Cigno has your financial needs in our trusty hands.

Payday loans for unemployed clients

Periods of unemployment are daunting and not knowing when your next job or income will materialise may leave you feeling disheartened. This also affects your likelihood of securing a loan with most banks. Cigno has specific expertise when it comes to these challenges. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and provide you with sound resolution.

Payday loans with bad credit

This option gives clients the opportunity to get a loan approved despite bad credit ratings. Be sure to avoid too many applications, resulting in multiple rejections as this information is visible to lending institutions and could deter any future bank from accepting your applications. Cigno endeavours to skip all the unnecessary applications and fast-track your online loan application. Approach us as a first option, and you can keep control of your credit history, as we also offer ways to improve your credit score.

Same-day payday loans

Emergencies can occur at any time, requiring immediate access to funds that clients may not be able to come up with in time. You need not wait with Cigno’s speedy and efficient online application process, available 24/7. These loans are most often approved on the same day as what you apply, and you can receive cash on that day too, as long as it is approved before five o’clock AEST. What could be more convenient and beneficial?

Payday loans for Centrelink customers

Centrelink clients find it more difficult and discouraging to secure loans, frequently being rejected and struggling to get it right. At Cigno, we strive persistently to make it happen for you. It can be done and we are determined to attain success on your behalf, our valued customers.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2020

Being short on cash is such a burden but with Cigno Loans, you’re covered. It’s the easiest payday loan I have ever applied for

Lily H
— Brisbane —

August 2020

Thank you Cigno Loans for approving my payday loan within minutes. I would have been lost without you!

Susan H
— Gold Coast —

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