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Uno Home Loans

About – Uno Home Loans

Uno Home Loans have been in business for over 5 years, servicing clients in Australia with the benefits of the latest technology features to access finance for obtaining their home loans.

Streamlining processes & speeding up approvals

Through trial and error, we have devised a solution which works for our customers.

Innovation has become the forefront of streamlining processes and speeding up the way clients can receive financial solutions

Doing what it takes to assist customers

We have over the years created a digital platform enabling our clients to get mortgage finance approved and paid to them in quicker times that ever before.

Going above the call of duty

We go above the call of duty to ensure our customer service is up above the normal expectations and goes far beyond what our competitors offer.

Uno Home Loans is the trusted company of choice when it comes to obtaining the home loan finance solution you require.

Services – Uno Home Loans

Uno Home Loans in Australia is a digital home lending service provider, offering clients choice and support throughout our partnership.

Our clients take a journey from application to a long term relationship, getting customer care and support along the way.

New or Refinanced Home Loans

We offer mortgage services for families who are looking to buy their own homes, new homes, refinancing and investing in their futures.

We are located in Surrey Hills in Sydney, but accessibly to our clients online, making life easier and time less restricted to obtaining the finance you need.

Here for you long term

As an established and well running lending firm, our clients are assured, we are here for you long term.

With a small team of fewer than 40 experienced staff members, we have the ability to make each client feel part of the team, and concentrate on delivering a personalised service.

We have strong investors backing us up financially, which in return benefit our customers in their journey to buying their own homes.

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Summary of Services

  • Home Loans

Uno Home Loans, affordable simple home loan options

New home owners, who need to be informed of the ins and outs of buying a home, can get valuable information from our expert team which will advise you and guide you through the entire home loan process.

Home Loans for Self-Employed People

We assist clients who have a unique financial circumstance, such as those who are self-employed. Through our accreditation, we have the leverage as of major banking firms, to deliver on our products and financial requirements.

Uno Home Loans in Australia offers home loans to new and existing home owners.  We offer choices such as guarantor loans, should you wish to have someone sign on your behalf.

Fixed term and variable loan options

We offer fixed term and variable loan options, as well as fast approval home loans which can take place overnight.

We pride ourselves with our staffing calibre, which are carefully selected to work in our team. We employ staff who is highly qualified, and we conduct regular training with upcoming and updated lending information and processes with our team members.

We are a peoples lending firm, with our clients’ needs at the forefront of our service delivery.

Going Beyond a Home Loan

Our staff can assist you beyond your home loan, with experience in helping you manage your budget, savings opportunities and products and calculating interest rates.

The home loan amount you require will be worked out according to your income, your expenses, and what you can afford to pay back without being cash strapped each month.

The entire process is revolved around customising the home loan which fits into your lifestyle, what you can afford, and still leave you able to afford the normal things in life. 

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Level 1, 10-14 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, 2010, Australia
Ph: +61 13 38 66
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