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About – Liberty

Liberty has a history as the pioneers in the financial and lending industry across the globe.

We offer personalised home loan solutions which allow our clients to own their own homes, and still stay in line with their budgets.

Over the years, we have managed to help just under 300 000 clients get from A to B, and get approved for home finance.

We're a Household Name in the Property Market 

We don’t stop at the approved application; we carry over our services as a long term partnership with our customers, with a customer relationship that exceeds your expectations.

We understand our clients, and customise home loan solutions which make it possible for you to be approved and get your home.

A Household Name

Our name in the industry has formed a reliable house hold name in the markets, offering capital in a sustainable manner, while looking deeper into the unmentioned particulars and costs involved in buying or refinancing your home.

Services – Liberty

With our exclusive offers on rates and benefits on our home loans, the process has become a positive venture and not a negative task.

We allow you to compare our loan products and our rates, to find the best suited option for you.

One of a Kind Offers

Our customised offers are one of a kind, with low interest rates in the range of 3.86% you will be able to lend the amount you need to buy the home of your dreams.

Liberty home loans make buying a home a positive journey for our clients. 

Two decades in the industry

Our experience which goes over two decades in the industry allows us to work in line with the knowledge we have of the different markets, as well as our ability to find the best lending solution you can possibly find.

Liberty puts our clients on the top of our priority list, making sure we cover all your financial needs from beginning to end.

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Summary of Services

  • Home Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans

Liberty Home Loans, making life a little easier to afford

Liberty Home Loans is your gateway to owning your own home without being cash strapped at the end of each month.

We offer hassle free and streamline online loan application processes for our clients to access the loans they can afford and the loans which suit them individually in accordance to their financial means.

By lending in a responsible way, Liberty has our client’s financial needs and requirements at heart.

We have a number of ways in which our clients can access their home loans.

• Contact our experienced team via telephone
• Email our consultants with your requirements
• Apply through our simple online platform

All our financial solutions are processed with utmost privacy, keeping the information of our clients confidential through safe platforms.

We are proactive in our application processes, with technology working with us to access credit checks and sourcing the best deals to minimise the paperwork on our client’s behalf.

When processing our applications, we consider a few factors including:

• Our client’s ability to pay off their loan – clients must have proof of income and bank statements for 3 months.
• We look at our client’s expenses and other personal loans which you are currently paying off. We can assist in looking into a consolidated loan option which included your home loan and your outstanding loan amounts.
• Our clients credit scoring plays a part in the approval; we do however look at the seriousness of any bad credit history. If you have a minor mark on your credit score, we will still be able to assist you.

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