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Commonwealth Bank

About – Commonwealth Bank

The comprehensive integrated financial services provided by the Commonwealth Bank have made it a leader in the Australian financial industry.

Unique Solutions for Australian Businesses

The range of business banking services enables companies of all sizes to manage their cash flow and to invest in growth. Our institutional banking services are used by a large number of institutional clients.

We provide funds management and superannuation, insurance, sharebroking and investment solutions.

We're Listed on the ASE

The group is among the largest companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Its major financial goal is to achieve a total shareholder return among the top 25% of its peers which are listed in Australia over each period of five years.

This is a measure of the growth in the value of the investment in the shares of the group based on the assumption that dividends are automatically reinvested in shares when they are paid out.

Services – Commonwealth Bank

On our website, we offer complete summary of each and every one of our home loan products available in the form of a downloadable PDF file. 

The group offers retail and premium banking services to assist individuals and households with managing their finances and wealth.

You will get a complete account of the interest rates, set up costs, fees and charges and repayment terms and structures.

When you have the complete information at hand, you will be able to make the best decision as a home buyer.

Two main types of home loans

A variable rate home loan is highly flexible and will easily adapt to your needs now matter how they change. You will enjoy a highly competitive interest rate.

A range of features to select from

A fixed rate loan comes with fixed regular payments. It enables you to plan your finances effectively and to use an accurate and reliable budget every month. You will have complete certainty and peace of mind.

Interest Rate

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Summary of Services

  • Business Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Home Loan
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans

Commonwealth Bank Home Loans - your partners in the home loan process

We can assist you get the house you want with the advantages of our tools, insights, merchandise and residential specialists, and help you get the house that is right for you.

We have a variety of mortgage options for our clients to choose from. You can work out how much you are eligible to borrow, as well as your monthly repayment terms with our handy loan calculator tools.

Assisting you at each step of the house hunting journey

As a client, you'll be able to check your details and alter your repayments on-line and even pay your mortgage off before planned.

Need further Money? Top-up Your Existing home loan

If you’re thinking of renovating your home further down the line, need to consolidate your debts or just want extra money, borrowing extra cash through your existing home loan is one of the unique options we offer our clients.

You can borrow extra funds through your existing home loan while not ridding yourself of your existing loan or taking out a separate loan, creating an easier way to get cash when you need it.

You’ll be paying a home loan rate of interest, which may be price effective compared to taking out a completely new loan.

We home loans to suit all Australians

The amount you'll borrow depends on your financial situation and also the amount of repayments you have made on your exiting home loan.

One Service Fee Charge per month

You’ll conveniently pay one monthly loan service charge that we can facilitate and give you the necessary support you need throughout the term.

You'll  renegotiate your loan over an extended term, subject to traditional criteria.

Plus, your initial fee is slightly lower than expected. so don’t delay a minute further. Call us today and get the loan which is flexible to accommodate your needs or apply for your loan online.

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