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Bendigo Bank

About – Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank is one of the longest practising lending firms in Australia; with over 150 years’ experience in the industry, we have a pretty good idea on how to service our clients.

Our greatest achievement

We have over 90 thousand shareholders on board our firm, and listed in the top sixty on the ASX.

This is a huge achievement for Bendigo, however, our greatest achievement, is being able to assist millions of happy clients in Australia, to buy their own homes.

Bendigo Bank has spread our services through a number of well-known brands in the market, all of which offer impeccable services, and home loan products that clients actually need.

Some of our affiliated brands include:

• Bendigo Bank
• Adelaide Bank
• Sandhurst Trustees
• Leveraged
• Rural Bank
• Delphi Bank
• Community Sector Banking
• Homesafe Solutions

We offer fast, safe and affordable mortgage options that will give you long term satisfaction, and fit in line with your budget.

Services – Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank has financial solutions which can be used in every part of our client’s lives.

Throughout the decades, we have accumulated the resources to find lending products which benefit our clients on a long term basis.We offer everything from bank and savings accounts to personal, home and vehicle loans at competitive rates.

We say yes more often than other firms! 

Our purpose is to be bigger than just being good with money, but to place special attention on our clients and their needs.

Caring for our customers makes us a unique firm to work with, as we try to help everyone who needs that extra assistance, no matter what their financial situation.

Looking to Refinance?

When you need a home loan or refinancing options, we will help you!

We will go the extra mile to find a financial solution for you, before jumping to a declined application.

Our clients are the base of our firm, so finding you the home loan with the best rates and benefits is what keeps us ticking.

Summary of Services

  • Savings Account
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Home Loans

Bendigo Bank, your all in one home loan specialists

Bendigo Bank has made the home loan processes simple and efficient for our Australian clients. Our customers can make an enquiry or even apply online for the loan they need.

Our Home Loan Options

We offer options including purchasing your first home, switching your mortgage, buying your next home / refinancing and investment options. We have home loan packages making it easier to afford all those little extra costs which are involved in buying a home.

Compare Home Loans 

We also offer a comparison facility, where clients can compare home loans across the board with rates and benefits.

Our connect package saves our clients on interest and offers a wide range of benefits and products included in your home loan package. Clients have the option of a fixed or variable loan which can be beneficial for those who have a very tight budget.

If you want your interest rates to be fixed over the time period of your home loan, our fixed rate option would be suitable for you. We also offer variable rate options, which can decrease as times during your loan contract.

Here for the Long Run

No matter what option you decide to choose, you will have the peace of mind knowing your financial interests are our core priority, and finding the home loan which keeps you afloat every month is not difficult for us to find.

Get low rates, packages which help you afford your mortgage, and benefits of a experienced team on hand to assist you throughout your journey with us. 

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Ph: 1300 236 344
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PO Box 480 Bendigo, Victoria , 3552 , Australia