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About – Bankwest

We have always been fully committed to serving our customers and this has make Bankwest an industry leader. With us, you can expect Happy Banking in every respect.

We will make your experience with us as happy as possible whether you apply for a personal loan to fund a home makeover, use our services for running your business or discuss a wealth building strategy for you and your family.

Our values lie in the core of everything which we do.

They determine the way in which we approach and assist our clients and the way in which we interact with each other as colleagues.

They have not changed since the bank's establishment in 1895 when the Western Australian Government created it to support the growth and development of the farming industry in the state.

We have achieved major growth.

For more than 110 years, we have been bringing financial products and services, such as mortgages, of the highest quality to our customers.

We have consistantly implemented innovation an technology and continue to grow as a result of our superior services and products.

Services – Bankwest

Bankwest offers a range of home loans designed to suit the situation and needs of different customers.

The minimum loan amount is $100,000. It comes with a variable interest rate of 4.88% p.a. and comparison rate of 4.89% p.a.

Our Online Home Loan 

Our Complete Variable Home Loan has variable interest rate of 5.09% p.a. and comparison rate of 5.48% p.a.

Its major advantages include discounted interest rate, credit card and Offset Transaction Account.

Our Premium Select Home Loan

Our Premium Select Home Loan has a tiered variable rate with a minimum lifetime discount of 0.8% p.a.

The minimum home loan amount available is $200,000. The variable interest rate is 5.09% p.a.a while the comparison rate is 5.10% p.a.

Our Complete Fixed Home Loan comes with a fixed interest rate in combination with a credit card and Offset Transaction Account.

The fixed interest rate for a 2-year period is 4.78% p.a. and the comparison rate is 5.37% p.a.

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Summary of Services

  • Short Term Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards

Bankwest Home Loans - opening doors to your very own home

What will you get through Bankwest's home loans? An intro variable rate home loan with a reduction off our variable rate for three years.

For owner occupied homes, a variable rate loan with a minimum lifespan discount of 1.13% per annum. Ideal for those wanting to get a replacement home, renovate or refinance with Bankwest. Not offered for investment purposes. 

A basic variable loan

Perfect for first time home owners and, designed with retirees in mind, this variable rate loan might permit you to unlock up to 25% of the property worth.

Bankwest assists home owners from the very beginning of the house search to the very end. Our goal is to find you the best investment that will allow you affordability as well as simplistic traits in the short and long term.

Affordable Rates and Flxible T's & C's

The end result we aim for is to see you able to live happily, with affordable rates and instalments, so that you can still enjoy your home without having to break the bank.

Through our experience in the industry, we have formed relationships with suppliers and clients, allowing us to leverage for a bargain, so that you, in turn, benefit from it. Our enthusiasm and determination makes the whole online loan application process a breeze.

Bankwest home loans in Perth offers you:

  • assistance throughout your home loan application process
  • quick and simple home loans through simple application
  • useful tips and guidance throughout your loan term
  • information on all the documentation needed for your application
  • guidance through the home searching, staying up to speed with the latest on the advancement of your application.

Contact Bankwest today, give us a chance to help you get the finances to buy the home you have always dreamt of, whilst saving on your budget every month.

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