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Australian Mortgage Options (AMO)

About – Australian Mortgage Options (AMO)

Since 1998, Australian Mortgage Options has helped thousands of clients to finance the purchase of their home using a home loan or an investment property with a business loan.

Our History

AMO was founded by Robert Projeski, who used his experience in the mortgage industry to come up with a variety of strategies for restructuring home loans to the best advantage of borrowers.

As a result, property owners could pay off their mortgage before the end of its term, create wealth and minimise tax. Mr. Projeski proposed the improvements to his employers at the time, but they got rejected.

He left to start AMO. Since its establishment, the company's major goal has been to show customers what others do not want them to know.

This philosophy has helped our company to achieve a leading position in the home loan market and to win numerous awards from Canstar, Cannex and leading financial magazines.

When you use our professional financial services, you will get the best outcome.

Services – Australian Mortgage Options (AMO)

The AMO home loan solutions are designed to help you with making your homeownership dream reality in an effective, easy and safe manner.

Australian Mortgage Options has helped thousands of Australians to save money on interest rates and taxes and to build wealth.

Obtain the perfect loan easily and quickly

We will assist you at every step of the way to ensure that you will become a proud home owner sooner than expected.

Maximum Flexibility

We guarantee that you will have maximum flexibility when taking out the home loan. You will be able to select from various features to ensure that the product corresponds to your requirements and needs perfectly.

We will work together with you to come up with a repayment strategy which will enable you to pay off the loan early on.

Summary of Services

  • Home Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans

Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) Home Loans - Fast Simple Loans

Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) in Sydney offer home loans to Australians looking to buy their very own home at affordable terms. Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) was based in 1998 and since then has helped thousands of Australians finance their home or investment property.

Fixed Rate home loan

After a record year in 2010 for the amount of interest rate rises, it's very little surprise then, many of us like the protection of a set home loan.

Fixed rate home equity loans supply several of the advantages of a variable rate loan, however with the peace of mind of knowing precisely what your repayments are going to be for the course of the home loan amount.

The best time to fix your terms is typically once interest rates begin to rise.

Not all fixed home loans remain constant. In fact, AMO has won varied awards from Canstar Cannex for the distinctive advantages for their fixed rate home loan.

For example, whereas no alternative major investor can give you a flexible repayment structure on a fixed rate home loan, we can.

AMO's compensation methods include:

  • Fortnightly or Monthly Direct Debt
  • Direct regular payment
  • Deposit Payments
  • Phonephone Transfer
  • Web Transfer
  • Periodical Direct Credit
  • Inward BPay

Benefits of an AMO Loan

  • No annual or monthly fees
  • Additional Repayments
  • Redraw
  • Phone & web Access
  • Loan will be split into parts - Splits
  • Line of Credit
  • Deposit Book
  • No switch fee (conditions apply)
  • 30 year loan terms

Fixed Rate Home Loan Benefits

So there is no doubt when fixing your home loan terms, you will benefit from the best home loan option the country has to offer. opt for AMO home loans, and get the affordable solution to buying your new home.

Call us today, and lets discuss further options with you. Our easy online platform allows you to apply for a loan online easily through the internet, for quick, simple approvals.

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