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About – PayDay24/7

PayDay24/7 is part of Ferratum Group, the first micro loan company to operate in Europe. The company was launched in 2005 and has undergone major growth and expansion since then.

It has a team of more than 200 dedicated professionals who work to deliver the best products and experience to customers no matter where they are located.

Company Objective

The company's major objective at present is to become a global leader in micro lending.

The company enjoys excellent reputation and has a solid customer base which is constantly growing. We achieve success and a high level of customer satisfaction because of our speedy service and our complete dedication to what we do. We work to tailor each loan to the specific needs of the customer for maximum convenience and peace of mind.

Our lending policy is based on transparency and full responsibility.

Services – PayDay24/7

We have eliminated the waiting and hassle from the process of obtaining cash for emergencies

You can forget about being stuck in a long queue, filling out endless forms and submitting a lot of paperwork. There is no photocopying, faxing or scanning. You do not have to worry about business hours either.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Payday24/7, we offer fast, effective and dependable solutions. Our online application process involves just a few simple steps and takes no more than five minutes to complete. It is completely automated and this enables us to come up with a decision instantly. You can make an application on our website at any time.

Upon approval, we will ensure that you get the cash in your account in less than 1 hour. We never waste any time.

We always mean business.

We are available to assist you whenever you need us.

Summary of Services

  • CASH loans
  • FAST loans
  • ONLINE loans
  • PAYDAY loans
  • SHORT-TERM loans

PayDay24/7 Cash Loans – Money now, pay later

PayDay24/7 offers emergency loans to Australians to use as they like.

Our cash lending site is quicker, less demanding and works better on cell phones for those on the go. It's our continuous duty to offer you the speediest and least demanding access to money regardless of where you are.

Cash anyplace, at whatever time.

Things you will love about Payday24/7 are:

  • Amazing service delivery – unbeatable turnaround times
  • Friendly client service – feel free to call us at any time if you need assistance
  • Our clients are our top priority – we find the best rates, and a loan that suits you as an individual.

We are always looking to improve our service delivery to our clients, so we always encourage our new and existing clients to give feedback on their experience. We in turn rectify and work on the positive to deliver a higher quality of service to you in the future.

Not only is our application process simple and extremely quick, we offer the online too; on computer or mobile services.

Wherever you can access the internet, you can access your loan.

Unlike majority of bigger firms, we don’t waste your time with tedious credit checks and pile of paperwork. No need to make an appointment and wait weeks before we can fit you in. We look at how you are currently managing your money, and if you are able to afford the loan you require. Other than that, if you are 18 years old, live permanently in Australia, and have a steady income going into your bank account, you can qualify for our emergency cash loan in minutes.

Applying with Payday247 just got less demanding!

We have an electronic system which allows us to gather the financial information we need to forego your loan, so let us do the legwork for you, all you need to do is wait for the cash to be in your account.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

If you looking for an affordable credit plan, PayDay 24/7 is your best shot.

Ruth T
— Sydney —

May 2019

Applying for the PayDay 24/7 was fast, effective and convenient.

Victoria W
— Brisbane —

March 2019

Thank you PayDay 24/7 for such speedy service when it comes to our loan applications.

Felix A
— Gold Coast —

 Contact Details

Suite 4, 4-8 Queen Street, Bentley, Western Australia, 6102, Australia
Ph: 08 9358 5513 / 08 9258 3053
Fx: 08 6314 6613
Em: collections@payday247.com.au
Em: customercare@payday247.com.au

 Opening Hours

  • Monday Open – 24 hours
  • Tuesday Open – 24 hours
  • Wednesday Open – 24 hours
  • Thursday Open – 24 hours
  • Friday Open – 24 hours
  • Saturday Open – 24 hours
  • Sunday Open – 24 hours

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