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About – Westpac

As the Bank of New South Wales, Westpac started operating in April 1817. It was the first bank founded in Australia.

It got its current name in 1982, when it merged with the Commercial Bank of Australia. In 2008, it went through another merger - with St. George Bank Limited.

Major financial centres around the globe

At present, the Westpac Group has operations in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region. It is present in all major financial centres around the globe.

Its global assets are worth AU$677.5 billion. It employs some 36,000 people. It serves over 12 million customers. It is among the top five companies in terms of market capitalisation on the ASX. Its market capitalisation is AU$95.5. For the six months prior to the end of the first quarter of 2013, its profit was AU$3,304 million. The group serves its customers via four major divisions.

These include Australian Financial Services, Retail & Business Banking, BT Financial Group Australia and Institutional Bank.

Services – Westpac

With Westpac, you can consolidate all of your debts under a single home loan. It does not matter what types of personal debts you have and which your creditors are. We can help you out.

Debt consolidation solution

With our debt consolidation solution, you will have just a single regular loan payment. You can choose from monthly, fortnightly and weekly repayment structure. You can save on interest. You can get an optional credit line on your home loan.

Our Equity Access Loan enables you to borrow as much as 90% of the value of your property.

You will pay a lower home loan interest rate.

You simply need to contact one of our experts to get started. You will get full support throughout the loan process. The specialist will visit you personally and help you to work out a plan for saving on interest and reducing the term of your home loan.

You will receive assistance with calculating the equity in your home and with selecting from different repayment structures.

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Summary of Services

  • Consolidate all your debt
  • Become debt-free
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Single repayment
  • Debt Consolidation Loans

Westpac debt consolidation – Rid your debt for good

Consolidate your debt with Westpac in Sydney with our unimaginable and unbelievable debt consolidation loans.

Get your bills sorted with 1 payment, 1 loan, and 1 rate.

This can prevent hassles of making multiple payments over different instalment dates for multiple loans and accounts, and leave you with a lot more money in your checking account.

A debt consolidation loan helps deduct the pressure of multiple bills, by combining or consolidating all debt into one loan, with a lower overall interest rate. With no penalties for further repayments, a debt consolidation loan can also assist you chop back your debt faster.

If you’re paying off your automobile or multiple loans and credit cards, use either a Westpac fixed rate loan or variable rate loan to bundle them into one very little loan, and alleviate the concern of getting into a wallow of drowning debts.

Apply through our online platform and obtain the benefits of:

  • NO monthly fees
  • NO penalties for early settlement of your loan
  • UNLIMITED repayments direct at no extra fees
  • VERSATILE instalment dates that will suit you

Benefits of debt consolidation

Simplify: One debt, one payment, one lender. By consolidating your debts, you will produce one regular compensation to one loaner instead of several payments to multiple micro-lenders.

Save: the advantage of debt consolidation is that the potential for big savings on repayments, overall interest charges and additional fees will show immediately.

Control: Term and loan repayments which will fit your budget so you will be debt free sooner.

Now the sole question is… have you applied yet? Our straightforward and fast on-line application method takes minutes of your time.

Complete the easy application and have an answer the very same day.

Get your consolidated loan in no more than 24 hours if your application is approved.

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