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About – RAC Finance

The car owners who founded RAC were passionate about automobiles and this led them to making a decisive step towards changing the life of people in Western Australia.

The club has grown and prospered for well over 100 years now.

It all began in 1905, when the Royal Automotive Club was formed.  Currently it has over 750,000 and is among the most active organisations in the local community. It gives road users in the state a voice on all aspects of safety on the road and in the community as a whole.

At RAC, we offer a wide variety of products and service.

In addition to motoring and travel services, guidance and advice, we provider driver training. Our range of financial products includes insurance, various types of personal loans, and cash emergencies.

We can assist you with finance management and shielding your loved ones and your assets in the best possible way.

Services – RAC Finance

With RAC debt consolidation loan we can assist you with managing your money effectively, so that you can have a safe and stress-free journey on the road to complete financial independence and stability.

Debts can come from all kinds of sources

The list includes credit cards, store cards and small cash loans with a short repayment term. With a personal loan from RAC, you can consolidate all of these debts into one. You will pay a competitive fixed interest rate. You will have just a single monthly payment to make and it will not change in any way throughout the term of the loan.

This will help you to achieve much better budgeting and to pay off your debt more easily and quickly. The risk of default will be much lower.

You will not have to incur the transaction fees associated with making multiple payments.

Summary of Services

  • QUICK Personal Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • TRAVEL Loans
  • DEBT Consolidation

RAC Finance Debt Consolidation – Free yourself from debt

Lower your debt with RAC Finance debt consolidation loans and feel the financial freedom once again. We know we can make a considerable difference to the management of your budget when you have only one debt to pay off.

No more calls from debtors looking for money, no more overdue bills.

With one consolidated loan, you can once again have the financial freedom, and a budget that stretches a lot further. We can facilitate create a disagreeable state of affairs happier and assist you on the road to managing your debt.

If you're tied down with debt from credit cards, store cards or different loans, debt consolidation will definitely assist with managing your debt for the long term.

Why select an RAC debt consolidation loan?

  • no more interest rates on all the current credit cards you are building up
  • NO additional monthly fees.
  • Fixed rate = fixed monthly repayments creating an easier budget
  • Save 2% p.a. off your charges per unit

RAC loans - offer a wide range of benefits

  • No hidden fees
  • No monthly account keeping fees.
  • Fast loan approvals - we are able to assist you 7 days a week (Monday to weekday, 8.30am to 5.00pm).
  • Receive the cheque at your convenience within only 24 hours
  • Members get a 2% p.a. off the standard interest rates and receive a reduced institution fee.
  • Choose from a loan term starting from 3 to 7 years.
  • Flexible reimbursement choices - create repayments monthly or fortnightly.
  • Easy ways to pay your instalments - Bpay, direct debit, cash, cheque, or the RAC Member Service Centre.
  • Loans from $8,000 for brand spanking new and used vehicles.
  • Pre-approvals are communicated quickly to our clients once your application is received.

All RAC members save on the annual fees and get a special discounted rate for the initial transaction.

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832 Wellington Street, Perth, WA, 6005, Australia
Ph: +61 13 17 03 / (09) 436 4840

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GPO Box C140, Australia, WA, 6839, Australia

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