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Debt Negotiators

About – Debt Negotiators

Debt Negotiators is 100% Australian owned, giving us the opportunity to make all the decisions in our firm to benefit our clients.

We have the ability to work you to negotiate a consolidated debt solution which will ease the stress of multiple instalments each month, and leaving you with no money at the end of the month.

There are costs that crop up as emergencies and often need to be paid when we just don’t have the cash.

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Unfortunately, this is often the case when building up debts. The end result of debt consolidation, will allow you to budget better, stay in control of your finances, and give you extra money each month to save for situation like these.

Being clever with your finances, isn’t a knack that everyone has, however, we can help you manage your life and your money better. We have years of experience in success of helping people with their debts. 

Services – Debt Negotiators

Debt Negotiators is your first choice when it comes to clearing your debt and managing your budget going forward.

We have through the years formed alliances and relationships with key players in the negotiating credit areas, allowing us full strength to work out better and more affordable instalments on your accounts and personal loans.

We can offer you:

  • CONSTANT care through our service delivery. we have consultants available whenever you need them
  • RELIEF from your debts, through debt consolidation and affordable repayment on only one instalment per month instead of multiple payments
  • RELIEF from nagging creditors – we will negotiate on your behalf, to stop creditors from hassling you for payments
  • A RELIABLE and trusted firm, to help you for the long term, keeping you on track financially, and offering over and above services to help you manage your budget

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Summary of Services

  • DEBT Solutions
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • MORTGAGE Refinance

Debt Negotiators – your mediator when it comes to consolidating debt

Debt consolidation at Debt Negotiators in Australia will get you out of debt and on the road to financial stability starting from today! We negotiate on your behalf, which is one of our benefits and unique features.

The biggest downfall in having debt, it the amount of interest you are paying on each loan and each credit card.

Keep you Assets Safe while getting out of Debt

Another downfall is the annoying phone calls, letters and threats you get from creditors asking for payment on your debts.

Once you have fallen deep into debt, the consequences can be damaging, not only to your credit scoring, but to the extent that you can lose assets and valuable items.

This will prevent you from taking out more debts, especially when you can’t even afford to pay for your current debt.

This can be devastating, and totally preventable

We are here to negotiate better rates, interest and instalment amounts with your creditors.  Consolidating your debts is one step closer to repairing your debt problems.

You will get a customised solution, which be in line with your specific financial details, what you earn, what your total debts are, and what is affordable for you.

Helpful Advice and Tips to get you Debt Free

A tailor made debt resolution which offer assistance with managing your budget, helpful tips to use cash instead of credit, and a long term relationship with a company which truly cares about your financial future.

When you make a commitment with us to get back on track with your finances, we make a commitment to you, to be your assistance and your guidance throughout the journey.

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