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Debt Fix

About – Debt Fix

With a decade in the financial industry helping our customers get out of financial problems, we have a resounding knowledge of how to help Australians get out of debt for good.  

Our work ethos is based on the fact that we listen to our clients, we build lasting relationships giving you a personal financial programme specially designed to help your individual debt resolution.

Debt Fix helps clients resolve their debt

We also encourage responsible lending and debt management with our available tools to help you better the way you manage your money going forward.

With our free services in offering advice and one on  one assessments, we have the products and the services to help anyone with a problem getting out of debt from budgeting to debt consolidation.

Wherever you are in Australia, feel free to give us a call, let us help you today!

Services – Debt Fix

We specialise in debt consolidation for those who are struggling with their repayments every month, and feel like they have no way of getting rid of all their accumulated debts.

Debt Consolidation is when we take most of your debts, payday loans, credit cards, store accounts etc. and pool them together in the form of one payment instead of paying individual multiple payments.

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different; no two clients have the same budget, expenses and ability to pay the same amount on instalments.

Debt Fix in Australia is you way out of the debt pool! 

This is why we do a thorough assessment of your situation, take your debts, and customise the consolidation according to what you can afford to pay each month.

Being in debt over your head is a very stressful situation to be in. you may even have problems making it through the month, and still be unable to cover your accounts each month.

This is a situation many people are struggling with; you have the choice to get help! Call us today!

Summary of Services

  • FAST Loan Approval
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • HOME Loans

Debt Fix in Australia, helps you get out of debt fast!

Debt Fix Debt Consolidation can bring an end to your debt issues for good, with a long term solution that will help you not only in getting out of overwhelming debt, but also help you manage your budget better for the long run.

Make a Decision to Change your Life

Debt consolidation will definitely reduce the amount of cash you are paying out on multiple instalments for various loans each month.

We can customise the most cost effective way for you to get rid of your debts for good. If you have made a decision to take action on your financial situation, you are already halfway there.

Make the Transition as we Guide you 

Many Australians are sitting deep in debt; however, keep rolling into more and more by taking out personal loans to cover instalments, and using credit cards to purchase items that could be bought with cash.

We will help you manage your finances and help you make the transition from buying on accounts to buying with cash.

You will notice an incredible change for the better

Debt can easily be built up by swiping your credit card, buying on store accounts and taking out little loans here and there.

These can be totally unnecessary if you create a budget properly, and in turn, using cash only will keep you clear of making any more debts.

There are serious consequences to being too deep in under your affordability. You can lose your home, car and even your job.

Let Debt Fix get you back on the road to financial security and help you get back within your means.

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