About – Bankwest

Happy Banking is what makes Bankwest stand out as a provider of financial and banking products and services.

Our customer service and our interaction with our colleagues are based on our core values. We strive to establish strong and long-lasting relationships which are mutually beneficial for everyone involved. We have proven that we can deliver the most positive banking experience throughout the years.

We have been operating for well over a century now

It all began in 1895 when the Western Australia Government established our institution to assist with the developing of the farming industry in the state. A lot of things has changed since then, but our dedication to serving our customers has remained the same.

Services – Bankwest

The management of your finances does not have to be a complex task for you.

At Bankwest, we are committed to making this process simple and efficient for each and every one of our customers.

We offer unsecured debt consolidation to get you out of a difficult situation. It works perfectly. It is easy to use. It will help you to achieve the greater financial flexibility that you are aiming for.

The Bankwest consolidation loan will wrap all of your existing debt

You will have to make only a single payment on a regular basis. This will make it much easier for you to plan and to manage your budget. You will never have to worry about missing a payment. Our loan is unsecured and this will help to provide further financial stability.

You do not have to place an asset as security and worry that you may lose it if your circumstances change.

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM loans
  • CONSOLIDATE your debt into one loan
  • DEBT consolidation loan
  • HOME loans
  • PERSONAL cash loans
  • CREDIT cards

Bankwest Loans – Managing your debt

At Bankwest we’re serious regarding creating an easier way for you to do banking and make banking easier for everyone. Bankwest in Australia now offer debt consolidation loans to clients who are looking to resolve their debt under one roof.

We’re serious regarding paying attention to what our customers need, and doing our absolute best to let it happen. From beginning to end we will ensure the journey to managing your money is easy and straight forward.

Making banking a bit easier, every day.

Our mission is to take all the hard work and hassles out of your banking experience. We offer banking services, creating an experience of quality service delivery, investment of your cash, applying for a loan or running your business – we would like to make whatever solution you need a simple one. We hope you’ll be happy with our services and enjoy all the benefits we offer our new and existing clients.

Here’s how we’re creating banking easier.

  • Getting you started quicker.
    With a shorter application methods, and our new on-line ID if you qualify, getting an account may take simply 10 minutes.
  • Ditching all the hidden fees.
    With our Bankwest, we won’t charge you any foreign transaction fees – either on-line, or overseas.
  • Getting to understand your business, not simply banking.
    Our banking specialists are dedicated to recognizing your business and assist you search for potential banking solutions.

We’re all on board.

Absolutely everybody at Bankwest is committed to creating banking easier.

Our experienced staff are all on board to assist with any queries or questions you may have on how to manage your debt, get a consolidated loan and get your finances under control.

Our application is quick and easy, and you can refer to our team for assistance should you need it.

Looking to consolidate your debt?

Simplify your finances by consolidating your debt into one straightforward simple loan, and only pay off one loan!

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50 William Street, Perth, WA, 6000, Australia
Ph: 1300 660 493 / 13 17 19

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PO Box E237, Perth, WA, 6841, Australia

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