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About – Australian Debt Reduction

Australian Debt Reduction has many years’ experience in assisting clients who have gained more debt than they can afford to pay back.

If you have too many credit cards which are maxed out, quick loans which you can't afford and no cash in your bank account to buy the necessities, you can get help from us today!

Let us help you today!

With our leverage in the financial industry, we have relationships in place with major financial institutes, allowing us to negotiate better interest rates, lower instalments and manageable repayments on your existing debts.

In one year alone, we have done this for over 100 000 Australians who found themselves drowning in debts.

Getting help is easy 

By completing a simple form, we will do a complete and obligation free analysis of your financial situation and steer you in the right direction to getting debt free.

There are a few ways in which we can assist you once we have a clear indication of your financial situation.

Services – Australian Debt Reduction

Australian Debt Reduction will help you get out of the debt trap that has you unable to literally afford to live.

You are not alone, there are thousands of Australians in debt well over their heads, but the smart ones seek help.

We will assess your debt situation and guide you along the path to financial freedom, getting you out of the debt pit and back into a sound financial zone.

Debt Consolidation

Taking all your debts and consolidating all the amounts into one amount to pay each month. Debt consolidation is the most popular and most effective way to reduce your instalments.

Informal arrangements

We can arrange and negotiate lower instalments on your current credit card debt and personal loans with your creditors; most creditors are open to make arrangements in circumstances like this.

Debt Agreement

A legal agreement with you and your creditors protecting you from any further actions against you.

Summary of Services

  • DEBT Consolidation

Australian Debt Reduction keeps you out of debt

Australian Debt Reduction will help you get out of debt and into a better financial situation with a simple financial analysis and guidance into the right direction.

We have many years and thousands of happy debt free clients behind us, paving the way to a better financial future for all Australians.

We Know what it takes to stop the debt spiral

We know through our experience with other customers, what works and what is the most effective route to take when you are knee deep in debt.

You can take a multiple bunch of personal cash loans and payments which keep you out of pocket each month, and consolidate them all into one reduced instalment.

This will benefit you by:

  • Reducing the interest rate on your instalment
  • Reduce the instalment you pay each month
  • You only have one instalment each month
  • Keep creditors from hassling you

By consolidating your debts, clients need to be diligent as to how they work with their budget long term.

When you consolidate, you will have a long term obligation to pay off your consolidation loan. Going into default can land you into immense problems.

We will help you with a maintenance plan to budget going forward and offer valuable advice on how to keep debt free going forward.

To get help from our team, call us, we don’t charge to run an analysis on your finances.

Our team are available anytime to take your call! Complete our enquiry from, so we can get a detailed overview of your situation and what your debts are.

If your profile in in line with our requirements, we will contact you immediately and start working with you to get you debt free.


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