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About – Teachers Mutual Bank

With experience dating back as far as 1966, our experience speaks a thousand words for what we have learned and how we have progressed in the financial industry.

Moving you Forward

Helping clients get the most out of their cash flow, investing in their dreams, and assisting in taking their budget a little further, we have all the experience, the people and the technology to provide the banking solutions you need.

TM has over 174,000 valued members

We have accumulated over $5.3 billion in assets, affording us as being the most reliable and most secure partner to bank with.

With small beginnings, working from a tiny area with less than 30 staff members, we have in time build a banking empire.

Be part of a much bigger picture, trust the firm which has experience of decades, we have the knowledge to help you with your banking and credit card needs.

Services – Teachers Mutual Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank in Australia offers credit cards with beneficial features and credit when you need it.

We know not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their special preference in credit cards. Everyone has different aspects of what is beneficial to them.

A Range of Offers

This is why, we offer a number of personal loan, credit card and quick loan options for our clients, all unique and beneficial for different peoples tastes.

We offer special introduction features for new credit card holders which include no annual fees and up to 55 days no interest on what you spend.

PayWay Facility

Clients get easy ways to pay for items under $100 with our innovative payWave facility. Our credit cards are secured with Visa Zero Liability cover and your credit card is accepted in over 200 countries across the globe.

Clients can enjoy a credit limit of between $1,000 and $25,000 to use on purchases, or just to keep as an emergency back up savings.

Summary of Services

  • Home Loans
  • Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Insurance

TM Bank Credit Cards, the credit when you need it

Teachers Mutual Bank in Australia dates way back to 1966 when our firm was created by teachers for the services of banking for teachers.

We offer everything from quick cash loans to bank accounts and high interest savings accounts. 

Our primary focus is carried through in the five pillars we portray on an everyday focus:

  • Good governance 
  • Operational excellence 
  • Sound financial performance 
  • Excellent member relations 
  • Environmental and community responsibility

By creating a better life for teachers and their families in the banking sphere, we provide suitable and beneficial banking and lending options to reach our goals.

We are committed to helping our members with their financial requirements, and our years in the industry have done more than prove our position in the industry.

Continued Growth

By creating a mutual bank, we will grow further in the competitive field of banking, and will continuous invest in time and innovation as well as skills development and overall growth for our firm.

Throughout our evolution and change, we still uphold our initial philosophies, and will always be committed to helping our clients save money and time in the quest to getting the best personal loan services in the country.

Our products range is increasingly growing as does our company.

From our humble start just under five decades ago, we know the next years to follow will bring contributing services to all who bank with us.

Contact us today, and get banking services with a difference.

We know how hard it is to start from the bottom and work your way up, we can relate to all situations, and grow your financial situation today.

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28-38 Powell Street, Homebush , NSW , 2140, Australia
Ph: +61 13 12 21

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PO Box 7501, Silverwater NSW , 2128, Australia

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