About – Citibank

We deliver expert personal and business credit solutions to individuals and households, companies of all sizes and industries, retailers, institutional investors and government bodies.

Citi is present in over 100 countries around the globe.

Our main operations are in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Pacific region. The company has been present on the Australian market for more than 30 years. It operates under licenses for full service banking and broking and includes credit cards, loans and more.

We have over 1 million individual clients in Australia.

At present, the company has over 1 million individual clients in Australia and over 1 thousand institutional and corporate customers. It has operations in each one of the largest states in the country. It has some 1,800 dedicated employees including highly experienced experts in personal, business and institutional finance.

Services – Citibank

We offer contactless technology cards which make payments easier, simpler and quicker. You can select from Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass.

As a card holder, you will enjoy an interest-free period of up to 55 days.

Take advantage of attractive rates, flexibility and outstanding service with the Citibank credit cards. You can add up to 4 additional card holders. You will have direct access to World Privileges. You will get complimentary fraud protection which works excellently to shield you, your personal finances and your assets.

We offer emergency card replacement. If something goes wrong, you will have a new card issued almost instantly.

Our credit cards are accepted at more than 22 million locations around the globe.

No matter where you are, you will have fast and convenient access to cash. We will be there for you at all times. Our global customer support service is highly personalised and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Summary of Services

  • Credit Cards
  • Home Loans

Citibank Credit Cards - The Credit Card Solution

Citibank in Sydney offers a credit card solution not to be missed in Australia. When it involves achieving a high credit score, credit cards are often an ambiguous weapon. Depending upon how you utilize them, you'll be able to increase your score. Now Citibank in Sydney offers clients the convenience and flexibility of having your own credit card.

Getting rewards on your credit card has never been more exciting.

We offer rewards every time you swipe your credit card at any convenience store or one of our bonus partner retailers across the country. Use your rewards for a number of fantastic benefits. The Citibank of Sydney offers a unique dining programme, allowing customers a free bottle of good wine when dining at one of the preferred partner eateries.

Our bonus partner program just made shopping fun and rewarding.

We have hundreds of partners across Australia, making it easier for you to earn rewards. Customers get three bonus points for every dollar spent on their credit card. These credit card reward points add up and allow you to enjoy many perks of the credit card account. Get discounts at top restaurants, hotels and on your flights when travelling on holiday, and reap the rewards you have earned with some fun times with your family. You have earned them!

When wanting to work on your credit score ratings, having a credit card from Citibank in Sydney can help you.

Should you be able to manage your credit card balances in a reasonable and responsible manner, this will count in your favour, and allow you to apply for more credit later on, as well as increase your positive credit rating for a larger loan down the road.

Now you can afford to purchase the items you need without having to stand in long bank queues and go through long or even online loan application processes when needing cash. Having a credit card is a safe and secure way to keep credit in your wallet in times of need.

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