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About – Bank Australia

We are privately owned with almost 3 decades of experience in the industry.

Being privately and wholly Australian owned allows us to put back and invest more into our business, allowing us to provide lower fees on personal loans and transactions to our clients.

This is just one of the value adds we offer, as well as being highly competitive in the financial industry, we can provide services to our clients, at the best possible rates.

We Provide difference in the Australian financial world. 

We are extremely customer orientated; looking out for your every need is more valuable to us than making a quick buck. With over 130,000 clients adding value to our firm, we feel we are definitely doing something right.

Reduced Fees and Rates

With ongoing updated information increasing our knowledge and skills every day, we are able to relate to the ups and downs in the financial industry.

Be part of a financial firm with a difference, and feel the decrease in fees from the minute you start transacting using a Bank Australia credit card.

Services – Bank Australia

Bank Australia is the peoples firm when it comes to putting your needs ahead of increased costs.

We offer credit card services that will have you smiling all the way to the bank! Our low Rate Visa Card offers a low interest rate of only 9.39% per annum.

With this option, clients get lower rates and access to credit which allows them to use their card on a day to day basis for everyday purchases.

Low Interest vs Rewards and More

Another option is the Visa Credit Card with an interest of 12.39% per annum; however, this credit card offers no annual fee and 55 days free interest on purchases.

Platinum Rewards card

For those clients who like to earn while they shop, our Platinum rewards credit card offers an interest rate of 18.24% per annum while enjoying the benefits of earning Qantas reward points every time you swipe your card.

You also get free travel insurance and an additional card for second card holders.

Summary of Services

  • Savings account
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Insurance

Bankaust Credit Card Solutions, Making Life Simple

Bank Australia gives clients access to a wide variety of services in the financial world. By having your best interests at the core of our services at all times, you can rely on us for a valuable and caring service delivery, no matter what we are doing for you.

The Right Products at the Right Prices

We always encourage responsible financial products, keeping a careful eye of credit limits, and ensuring overspending doesn’t happen on your accounts and credit cards.

Going the extra mile through service, assistance and offering the right products affords us the time we have succeeded in the financial industry.

Digital Wallet

Bank Australia now offers an innovative new product on the market called digital wallet.

This is a simple and easier way to streamline your payments online while ensuring no risk to your banking account.

For clients who love to shop online, this is a secure and quick process, to make payments for your purchases, without having to give your password and username details online.

Use a Tablet or Smartphone to Shop

Clients should make use of this incredible visa checkout option, when shopping off platforms like smartphones or tablets.

This makes life so much easier, and the risk of your personal banking credentials are kept totally out of harm’s way. In addition customers can apply for credit online at any time. 

Let us help you with all your banking needs, with our low rates, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Buy form Multiple Stores Simultaneously

What’s more, the visa checkout process allows clients to make purchase from multiple online stores and multiple shipping areas.

Secure alerts can be set up to warn the clients if your spent limit has been exceeded and alert you of any strange activity on your banking account.


 Contact Details

14-16 York Street , Sydney, NSW , 2000, Australia
Ph: +61 13 28 88
Fx: (03) 9853 9294

 Opening Hours

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