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  • Low-interest starting from 12.49%

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About Aussie

Since 1992, Aussie has been providing finance products and mortgage broking services throughout Australia.

It is a holder of numerous awards for its advanced modern services, marketing and promotional campaigns and career development program. The company is still led by its founder John Symond.

We've Lent over $55 million

At present, our product range includes wedding, travel and personal loans, credit cards and insurance in addition to mortgage broking services.

The company's loan book is worth nearly $55 million after acquiring Wizard Home Loans and MBA. It has a network of more than 750 brokers and an additional 150 who belong to the MBA network.

Over 240,000 customers nationwide

We work with the leading lenders in the country to offer the most competitive and attractive home loan deals to our clients.

Our brokers use their expertise, experience and state of the art software to provide the perfect finance product to each and every home buyer based on the individual's needs and requirements.

Aussie Services

Take advantage of our great credit cards to make shopping a breeze and to manage your finances in the most effective and easiest way.

Aussie entered this niche in 2005 and has been offering some of the most competitive deals ever since.

Giving you the best value

Additionally, you will receive dedicated customer support service which is readily available at any time when you need to use it.

Our Classic Low Rate Credit Card comes with an attractively low interest rate which is among the most competitive that you will find.

Enjoy a long interest-free period

The fees and charges are more than reasonable. Our Platinum Low Rate Credit Card offers all of these benefits and more.

You are welcome to compare both products on our website where you will find the full list of features which each one has to offer s well as other loan options such as our emergency cash loans.

Aussie Product Details

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 12.49%

Summary of Services

  • Quick financial solutions
  • Apply online

Aussie's credit cards - Australia's leading credit card solution

Aussie in Annandale offers a credit card option that has taken Australia to a new heights.

When you turn 18 years old, there is nothing more exciting than being able to afford to buy the things you want, with your own credit.

This also teach you responsibility, and get s you ready for the big wide world ahead. At 18, you eligible to have your own credit card at Aussie.

Simple, easy and quick loan applications

When applying for your credit card, usually customers are worried about the long application processes and the verification measures taken to approve your application.

With us o hassle and stress when it comes to getting fast credit. Aussie offers customers the opportunity to get a credit card with low interest’s rates on remaining balances, and easy repayment terms.

With a steady income, you can now afford to pay off your credit card each month over easy terms. Buy what you want with the swipe of your card at any location, or pay online for your shopping. It’s never been easier to have access to cash when you need it.

All about making life simpler form Australians

Nowadays, when making a payment for specific items, the purchasing party may need a credit card, especially for purchases made online. The credit card option is versatile and offer more benefits long term.

Increase your credit limits once you have proved that you are a responsible paying customer, pay for unexpected bills and expenses without the hassle of looking for a quick cash loan.

Buy what you want or need now

Convenience and credit on hand. We have a client service division on hand every step of the way, from online loan application through to after care.

Any questions or queries from our valued client is handled through real people, who know the business and are always on hand to help you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Aussie offers genuinely professional knowledge and state of the art software in order to assist you in finding the perfect financial deal. I trust them entirely when handling all of my finances a...

Bradley M
— Goldcoast —

May 2019

With the Platinum Low Rate credit card offered by Aussie, you can get access to highly reasonable fees and charges that do not cost you an arm and a leg. They also offer a lot of other benefits t...

Harry B
— Perth —

June 2019

Thanks to the credit card that I got from Aussie, I was able to replace my microwave without having to worry about short-term loans and the likes. Thanks for offering a great alternative product!

Lauren C
— Adelaide —

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