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About – ANZ

For over 175 years, ANZ has been providing financial and banking products and services to its customers. During this time, we expanded our operations globally as well as locally.

We operate in 32 countries around the world

We have presence in Asia and the Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe and America as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

We serve some 8 million individual, business and institutional clients. We have 48,000 employees worldwide and offer everyting from personal loans to savings accounts and Forex services.

Dedicated to growth and innovation

We have always been dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers and to growth and innovation in both our business and lending services.

In order to achieve this, we are focused on growing our operations in Asia and the Pacific region and on generating between 25% and 30% of our revenue from our operations in these parts of the world and in Europe and America by 2017.

Services – ANZ

At ANZ, we know that you want to find the perfect credit card without hassle and to start using it as quickly as possible.

That is why we have made the shopping process, the application process and the card management process simple and easy.

You can do all this entirely online on our website. You can do it from any place at any time of the date.

Compare credit cards

Use our calculator to find out which card will be most useful and affordable to you.

You can make the comparison shopping much simpler and more efficient by basing your search on the particular benefit which you are looking for such as a reward program.

Low Interest Rates and Fees

Our current low rate offer is for 0% p.a. on all balance transfers from credit cards which are not issued by ANZ to the new card during the first 16 months.

After the introductory period, a standard rate, which is currently 13.49% p.a., will be applied.

Interest Rate

From 0 %

Loan Amount


Summary of Services

  • Credit Cards
  • Business Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Home & Investment Loans

ANZ Credit Cards - Versatile Credit Card Options

ANZ in Kimba Australia, offers versatile financial product solutions tailored to your credit card requirements.

Our aim is to provide a simpler way to access credit, with a simple swipe of a card when you want to purchase something.

We adapt to our clients’ individual needs ensuring you'll simply love the financial provisions we provide you.

A perfect finance choice for each stage in your life

  • we offer our customers a personal service – to suit you and your individual needs
  • You choose however you like to handle your credit application – by phone, face to face or via the net and email.
  • We invariably follow through with wonderful service ensuring that your finances are given the most affordable and simple accessibility through our credit card options

Get the most effective loan rates

Are you obtaining the most effective rate right now? Our evaluation is clear – we’ll provide you with the greatest rates and calculate a way to structure your personal loan or card repayments to induce the repayment fees on your balances.

Credit limit

We offer a reasonable credit limit to allow our clients the accessibility and affordability to purchase what they want when they need it.

It’s like having your own personal credit in times of need. Depending on your financial standing and salary bracket, your credit limit will be allocated on what you are able to afford to pay back.

How do we assess your application

When you apply for a credit card we take your employment status and history, minimum financial thresholds for every card, your credit report, any credit history you have got with our institution and your ability manage your credit card payments responsibly.

Swipe and purchase

Your credit card can be swiped at any store that takes Visa or MasterCard. You can use your credit card to make purchases online or over the phone for convenient shopping experiences.

Having a credit card from ANZ in Kimba is convenient and easy to obtain. Get credit instantly and afford all the little pleasures it offers.

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