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Commonwealth Bank

About – Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is a major provider of a comprehensive range of financial and banking solutions in Australia.

We specialise in business finance and institutional banking and offer superannuation, insurance and fund management services.

Sharebroking and investment products

With a strong financial performance, in addition to offering advanced modern personal loan products and services to customers, our group is among the largest companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

It is included in the Capital Global Index of Morgan Stanley.

Our Investors are Always Ahead

The main aim of the group is to reach and maintain higher than average returns amongst the highest 25% of its peers, over each five year period.

The total shareholder return calculation is based on the increase in the value of the investment in the share of the group as long as all dividends are invested back in shares at the time when they are paid out.

Services – Commonwealth Bank

We know that finding the right car and obtaining the most suitable finance for buying it are not simple tasks. That is why we, at Commonwealth Bank, are here to assist you fully.

Online Resources

Our comprehensive set of online resources provides all the information and advice which you require as a buyer.

Repayment terms depends on you

When you work with one of our dedicated experts, you will be able to obtain finance which is just perfect for you. We have a lot to offer. We have flexible, fast and efficient solutions for vehicle buyers in Australia.

Highly competitive interest rates

You can choose between fixed and variable interest rate depending on your needs, budget and future plans. 

We can arrange a repayment structure which is perfectly comfortable for you to use. We will explain each and every detail of the vehicle loan for you so that you can get it and use it with complete confidence.

Summary of Services

  • BUSINESS Loans
  • VEHICLE Loans
  • HOME Loan
  • CREDIT Cards
  • PERSONAL Loans

Commonwealth Bank – Committed to helping our clients get on the road

Paying for your Vehicle with a personal loan from Commonwealth Bank in Sydney is easier than ever.

Once you’ve found the proper vehicle and looked into all the associated prices concerned in obtaining it, you’ll understand precisely what amount you'll have to pay.

You then have 3 main options:

Saving to buy your vehicle, borrowing for a vehicle from a bank or car loan specialist and dealer finance. With Commonwealth Bank's car loans, we offer you cost saving tips, further funds on your existing loan, used car checks and car insurance advice.

Saving for a vehicle

Waiting till you have got enough cash to shop for a vehicle outright can clearly take time, however, you will not need to pay any interest on that once you have bought it, thus it's always the most affordable choice.

By selecting a bank account to fit your individual needs, you can easily add cash often until you have reached your target amount.

Our budget planner calculator will assist you estimate what amount you’ll have to save every month, and the terms to succeed in your savings goal.

Borrowing for a vehicle

A personal loan permits you to sell your current vehicle and pay it off in instalments.

You’ll even get pre-approval for a private auto loan, supplying you with up to thirty days to search out the proper automobile with instalments that suit your budget.

Use our borrowing calculator to visualize what quantity you'll be able to borrow and what your repayments are going to be.

Dealer finance

Car dealers usually provide finance as a way of shopping for a vehicle. If you're considering this option, there are a few criteria you need to discuss with the dealer.

  • 'What's the rate?' Compare it with the interest rate of a private loan to ascertain you are obtaining the most effective rate.
  • ‘Is there a balloon payment at the top of the loan?’ The loan repayments could seem low-cost, till you face a further massive payment once your loan term is up.
  • ‘Is the worth of the automobile negotiable?’ It usually isn’t with dealer finance.

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