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Capital Finance

About – Capital Finance

As one of the leading vehicle finance providers in Australia, we, at Capital Finance, work on absolutely all levels.

We finance the purchase of cars, trucks, motorbikes and commercial equipment of various types while working with with individual, business and institutional customers.

We work closely with our clients

We want to have ab full understanding of your business and its needs so that we can offer the optimal business loan solution for the purchase of vehicles. We will treat your business as our business.

Aviation Specialists

You can turn to any of our specialists from those with expertise in Motor F&I to those who are experts in aviation with complete confidence about the outcome.

We Deliver Fast

We strive to deliver finance quickly to enable your business to thrive. At the same time, we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedicated team is here to help you grow and succeed.

Services – Capital Finance

Our expertise in vehicle finance enables us to arrange the perfect car loan for you.

With a loan provided by Capital Finance you will obtain the right finance amount and use a repayment structure which will match your lifestyle and circumstances precisely.

A high level of flexibility

We offer a range of options for you to pick from. We can fix the rate for the whole term of the loan. We can arrange a repayment period of as many as 7 years.

We can give you flexible and personal loan repayment structure.

Fast, professional and friendly Service

We keep things simple to give you what you need without stressing you out.

We can assist you with financing the purchase of virtually any type of motor vehicle from a car to a caravan and from a motorbike to a boat.

We offer several types of vehicle loans. In addition to a traditional car loan, you can consider a chattel mortgage or a novated lease.

Summary of Services

  • CAR Loans
  • AFFORDABLE Insurance

Capital finance car loans – your trusting car loan advisers

Capital finance of Norwest in Australia have been offering car loans to their clients with their best interests at heart from the start.

As one of the country’s leading car financing companies they help new and existing customers get their dream car, without all the painful drabs of paperwork, endless declines from banks and the hassle of trying to obtain security.

With Capital Finance, you can’t go wrong

Their friendly and experienced staff make the entire process part of the adventure of buying a new or used car. Everyone has a different budget to stick to, to enable them to afford a vehicle.

Capital finance knows how to help their customers reach their ideal needs, with a flexible solution which suits both their ideal taste and bank account.

Meeting you Needs

They are fast with their processing of applications, leaving no time wasted till you drive off in your new car. Through an online loan application form, you can have a predetermined answer from one of their helpful staff members in no time at all.

Flexible Insurance

Get covered with car insurance through a number of choices obtainable from your trusted loan advisors, through Capital Finance in Norwest.

Not only are their interest rates low and reasonable, but the repayment terms are flexible and work within your time frames.

7-year Loan Repayment Terms

Call the team today, get the finance you need, and buy the car that can change your life. No more relying on lifts and public transport, now you can own your own car, at minimal repayment terms, and cover to keep you and your vehicle safe. Choose the car loan that will make a difference in your life. 

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Level 3, 20 Lexington Drive Norwest Business Park, Norwest, NSW, 2153, Australia
Ph: +61 1300 300 309
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Em: customerservice@capital-finance.com.au
Em: business_finance@capital-finance.com.au

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P.O. BOX 7685, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, 2153, Australia

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