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About – Canstar

CANSTAR in Australia will help you make the right decision when choosing the vehicle finance option you can count on.

Our mission in business is to help all Australians in their search for the best possible vehicle finance solution on the market.

We Source the Best Loans

Not only do we find the best loan product, but we offer valuable advice, updates, resources and much more, helping you with your choices going forward, and keeping you updated on the latest news.

With top analysts on our team, we are the most present and updated vehicle loan search company online.

We go Above and Beyond

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide more than a service for finding the best vehicle finance solution, but provide over and above services to ensure our clients receive guidance in the entire journey with CANSTAR.

We are a highly recognisable brand, we are out there, and we are making a difference in many thousands of lives on a daily basis.

Services – Canstar

CANSTAR in Australia search, filter, compare and analyse car finance offerings across the country.

Our end results are always positive ones, and we have thousands of clients to testify to this.

We look further than price and rates. We take your entire profile, and deliver a perfect match accordingly. We look further than the lenders benefits; we take a deeper look into what our clients will get long term.  

Considering advantages and disadvantages

There is no one size fits all personal loan or car finance solution for customers. By being thorough and detailed in our quest to find you the perfect solution, we make a difference to your life.

Loan Terms are Critical

We also look into the fact that your new vehicle would be a depreciating asset, taking a longer term loan on that specific amount to afford it, would have to be considered in how long you are willing to let the vehicle depreciation go on for.

These are all factors which other comparison sites don’t offer clients. This is what makes us different!

Summary of Services

  • VEHICLE Loans
  • AFFORDABLE Insurance

Canstar Car Loans - getting you vehicle finance FAST

CANSTAR in Australia offer more than value for money when investing in a new or used vehicle. We offer a service that no one else does.

We provide a search for our clients in a totally unique way, by thinking outside the usual criteria, and helping you find a more affordable car loan product.

Our ratings

We are extremely open and transparent about our ratings. We compare the value of the service or product as well as the price. Throughout experience, the value is more important, and long term, following our advice will cost you save you a lot of money.

By taking a closer look at the overall value of the service you get you can identify areas which show leakage in value and are hidden behind lower price offerings.

We are different

We are serious about fulfilling the specific needs of our clients. We act through honesty and looking at the bigger picture before throwing any credit card or loan product at our clients, which may not add any value to them.

Guidance and expertise

Because we are not licensed to give personal advice, we only offer guidance and general advice to our clients.

We do however have vast experience in our industry, and have professionals on our team who are highly qualified in their positions.

We provide ongoing training and skills development to our staff members, ensuring they are on top of the industry.

We have market research analysts who continuously find new and improved ways to identifying value in financial services. This is what and why we rare able to guide our clients in the right direction.

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