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About – Aussie Car Loans

When you use the services of Aussie Car Loans, you will work with real people who take into account your needs and circumstances to achieve real results.

With this car finance company, you can get the best car finance deal easily and quickly, whether you're buying a new or used vehicle.

Let them arrange the perfect car loan for you - before you start negotiating with a dealer. They will give you the bargaining power which you require for saving hundreds of dollars.

Aussie Car Loans offer cheap car finance.

With a AAA credit rating, you can qualify for a great discount. It takes just 4 minutes to apply for a loan online.

It is that quick and simple since Aussie Car Loans have some of the fastest approval times in the industry.

They welcome applications from car buyers nationwide.

Aussie Car Loans are able to arrange finance for self-employed applicants and can help those who have been bankrupt and those looking for a low-doc loan as well.

Services – Aussie Car Loans

Aussie Car Loans can make your dream of car ownership a reality and will ensure that you get the best vehicle loan available on the market.

They can provide finance for both new and used vehicle purchase. You simply need to turn to them before you go to the dealership.

Aussie Car Loans will give you the bargaining power which you need to negotiate the perfect deal - one which will save you a lot of money.

Vehicle finance for both individuals and businesses.

For businesses they can arrange a chattel mortgage, standard lease or novated lease and will provide a structure which matches the company's cash flow perfectly.

Car loans with affordable interest rates & charges.

Aussie Car Loans customise them to match the specific needs of vehicle buyers perfectly. They are able to help applicants who are self-employed and those who have been bankrupt. They have a top processing speed to ensure fast approval and it’s super easy to apply.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Car Finance
  • SECOND Chance Finance
  • BUSINESS Finance
  • LOW DOC Car Loans
  • VEHICLE Loans

Aussie Car Loans – Taking the hassle out of buying a car

Aussie car loans in Brisbane have taken the hassle and long application procedures out of buying a new or used car. Now people living in Brisbane can take full opportunity to find a car loan they need, to get their wheel on the road.

We believe everyone should be able to buy a car.

This is by far the easiest and most popular ways to get around. It can be a little intimidating buying a new or used vehicle. If you are leaning towards an older car, you never know what you’re getting.

Aussie Car Loans lend money to clients who are looking to purchase a private vehicle. Aussie car loans are the preferred financial choice when larger banking institutions will not help.

Within our services, we offer a range of FREE services.

  • FREE Vehicle Inspections – Not a mechanical inspection, but they will check that all the major identifiers such as the engine, VIN, registration and odometer are correct.
  • FREE Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) Certificate – making sure there are no loans out on the vehicle already.
  • Conduct Process and Pay-out Procedure – if there’s interest in the vehicle with a finance company in Australia they can organise the transfer and assist with the pay-out process.
  • FREE Vehicle Write off Report – ensuring the car has not been previously written off by any insurance companies and repaired for resale.

Aussie Car Loans ensure you get the security you need when investing your money, time, and effort into getting a vehicle, they always try make things a little easier for their clients.

Quick Loan Approval

No more endless reams of paperwork, no more banks telling you no. The Aussie Car Loans' flexible, and simple application allows you to drive away, with enough money in your budget to enjoy the little things in life.

They even offer security through car insurance options with a number of choices to suit your individual needs. Call them, today, or simply apply online.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

I always appreciate a company that thinks about its clients and Aussie Car Loans is one such company. Their process is simple and very straightforward so I got my car loan without any difficulty....

Hollie A
— Darwin —

May 2019

My old car was constantly breaking down so I decided it was time to get a new one. Applying for a car loan only took about 10 minutes and the turnaround time felt just as quick!

Ethan E
— Sydney —

April 2019

With daily life already being so expensive, I was glad Aussie Car Loans offered me a loan that I could afford.

Shai C
— Perth —

April 2019

My experience with Aussie Car Loans was very positive. I’m extremely satisfied with my car loan and the service.

Cloe B
— Melbourne —

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324 Queen St, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia
Ph: +61 1300 767 575
Fx: 1300 888 788
Em: info@aussiecarloans.com.au
Em: enquiries@aussiecarloans.com.au

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PO Box 3885, Loganholme, Queensland, 4129, Australia