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About – Mozo

Mozo Business Loans in Australia offer a loan comparison site for more than 300 thousand businesses throughout the country.

We have over 1800 different lending sites for our clients to compare pricing, quick loan products and much more.

We Help you Save Money

We save our clients long term on their business loans, finding the best possible loan in the country to suit their needs and offer benefits that will enhance the way you manage your money.

Our Staff - Here for your Journey

Mozo have invested a lot of time into training our staff in the providing a full all round dedicated service to our clients, assisting them from beginning to end in their journey to affording their business loans.

We invest in your business just as much as you do

We invest in your business just as much as you do, and deliver on your business needs financially.

You can count on Mozo to get you the business finances you need to grow your business today!

Services – Mozo

Mozo offer business loan solutions for starter businesses or for already established companies, looking for finance to grow.

We compare thousands of lenders across the country to find the best business loan opportunity for our clients. We have unsecured and secured business loans available for our clients.

Our technology provides clients with award winning innovation, making our platform easy to access, and providing all the right information they need.

Secured Business Loans:

These are in a cheaper bracket; however, the risks are a little higher. Going into default with an unsecured loan runs the risk of losing property or vehicles, or whatever assets you may have.

Fixed and variable business loans:

These give our clients flexibility to choose whether they want their interest rates to be fixed over the term of their business loan, or to work in line with the interest rates in general.

We offer redraw features with these loans, allowing clients to take extra cash on the amounts they have paid back. Terms and conditions apply to each loan.

Summary of Services

  • Business Loans

Mozo compares and selects the best business loan to suit your business

Mozo Business Loans in Australia, take the hassle and the time it takes out of sourcing the right business loan for your needs.

Our comparison website sorts through a number of lending firms, finding the best deals for our clients.

We offer short term business loan options for companies who need a little cash boost to get through payments which have built up over a period of time, and need to be settled.

These are simply a personal loan option for your business.

Amounts and repayments terms can be worked out on our online calculator. We also offer long term business loans to get your business off the ground, or to invest in growing your business.

The options are endless and the possibilities are there for the taking. When applying for your business loan, you need to create a strategy of why you need the capital and what you are going to do with it.

By this you can determine just how much you need. You could be expanding and need extra equipment or vehicles, or you may be just starting out. When applying, you will need to qualify through the online loan application process.

You will need the following:

  • Your financial statements (preferably for 3 months)
  • Tax returns for your business
  • Identity documents of your business signatories
  • Proof of business cash flow / balance sheets
  • Business plan (how you going to spend your loan)

Business loan packages available

There are a number of business loan packages available to our clients, take a look through each of them and get an idea of which one would best suit your business needs, and then we will source the best one for you.

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