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Max Funding

About – Max Funding

Max Funding provides professional and fast business loan solutions in Australia. We are different to banks in our untraditional way of doing business.

We take a more personal approach in our service delivery, giving a customised efficient solution which will benefit you from day one.

In need of extra cash?

We also help businesses in need of extra cash if they are starting out from the very beginning, or as an existing business.

As a private lending firm, we are able to make our own decisions and not rely on the terms of sticky areas which decline applications.

We will do whatever we can to help your business thrive.

Our costs are far less dues to less overheads and boundaries in the Australian lending industry.

Where larger banks add on the extra fees to cover their costs, we take these out of our services, delivering a cost effective way to get business finance. You can rely on Max Finance to get your business where you want it to be.

Services – Max Funding

Max Finance in Australia offers faster and more reliable processes than you can ever expect.

We will help you get there

When you need an extra boost in your bank account to help your business grow, Max Finance will help you get there.

We have a range of business loans to meet your needs.

No Paperwork

No filling in of endless paperwork, all our online loan applications are processed instantly, giving you the freedom to apply whenever and wherever you are.

Cash deposited into your account the same day

Our pre approval take only 5 minutes to complete, and you will know immediately if you qualify for a business loan or not.

One you have your pre-approval, you would need to submit a few documents to verify your business intentions and business figures.

We will let you know what you qualify for in terms of a business loan and what the repayments will be.

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Summary of Services

  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Compare Business Loans
  • Fast Business Loans
  • Premium Business Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advance

Max Funding, maximum benefits on your business loans

We offer business loans up to $500,000 to use towards expanding your business or getting your business off the ground.

The entire loan application through to pay out of the funds is extremely fast and completely hassle free.

All our clients have access to our online platform, where your business loan takes just a few steps to access.

Max Finance is different, and we do things better!

Unlike most lenders, we don’t only assist existing clients, we also believe in businesses which need a little help to get started.

We find great fulfilment in being part of a company right from the beginning, and watching it grow into a full flourishing business.

We find gratitude in helping you achieve your business goals in every aspect because of the business loan we were able to provide.

Unsecured business loans in just 5 minutes

For a business that is just starting out and does not have any fixed assets yet to use as collateral, our unsecured loan option is the best choice for you.

No security is needed for this loan

  • No security is needed for this loan, allowing less risk of losing any assets should your loan default.
  • Our unsecured business loans range between $1,000 and $250,000 with only 5 minute pre-approval time frames.
  • You can access your cash the same day, making this offer quite unique in the industry.
  • Max Finance interest rates are approximately 1.80% per month making them very affordable with no hidden fees.
  • Our existing clients also get the option to top up their fast loans once they have paid off at least half the repayments back.

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