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Australian Business Finance

About – Australian Business Finance

As a leading provider of short term business finance in Australia, Australian Business Finance (ABF) caters to the need of companies of various sizes in many different industries.

We have long-term experience and extensive expertise in the provision of flexible and effective finance solutions.

Flexible loans

Our team consists of specialist consultants who are able to tailor every loan to the needs of the individual client.

When you come to us, you will receive personal treatment. We will assess your financial situation and credit standing as part of the application process, but we will look into your individual circumstances as well.

This enables us to be much more flexible and usually more helpful compared to larger commercial lenders.

Our business loans are easy and fast to obtain.

They can be used for a variety of business needs including cash flow maintenance, cash emergencies, paying unexpected tax bills and financing the purchase of equipment.

We are here to assist your bsuiness with everything it requires.

Services – Australian Business Finance

For over 15 years, Australian Business Finance has been helping businesses in the country to grow and prosper.

Wide variety solutions

We offer a wide variety of solutions reflecting the needs of our clients and the current financial climate.

We offer finance of up to $100,000 for the purchase of equipment, machinery and vehicles used for business purposes.

Existing businesses and ones with recent ABN are welcome to apply.

Property ownership and clear CRAA report are the main requirements for approval.

Our consultants are readily available to provide further information and advice and to help you with making an application.

One of our main goals is to help new businesses unlock their equity.

If conventional lenders cannot help, we will step in.

By using the equity of your assets, you can obtain sufficient cash for the effective management of your transactions and operations.

We are able to accept a wide range of securities including motor vehicles, machinery, residential and commercial real estate and land.

We simply lease back the goods to you to make things simple.

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Summary of Services

  • Business Loans
  • Second Mortgage Loans
  • Quick Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Caveat Loans
  • Commercial Property Loans

Australian Business Loans – Affordable finance helping your business grow

Australians now have the opportunity to expand their business needs and future goals through Australian Business Finance.

We offer value for money, and want to see our customers benefit every step of the way. Your business loan can be used to expand your business, afford materials and inventory and equipment.

Should you need to refinance your business, we can help you with a loan which is suitable just for you.

By making our financial solutions affordable, flexible and easy to understand, we offer more than low interest rates.

We offer Australian consumers the best financial solutions, to ensure your business dreams and prospects can become a reality. We are happy to sit with you and discuss what your business objectives are, and assist you throughout the entire process of getting the right business loan to suit your specific needs.

We have the experience of almost two decades, which is why we are the customers and businesses choice when it comes to financing what is important to you. We believe in offering you not only a business loan, but a long term investment.

We are Business Finance Specialists

We know what it takes to help our clients get further in their business ventures, and having the financial means to assist all our clients makes your life prosperous.

ABF in Brighton east is known for its reputation of being the people’s choice in short term business banking and financial providers which have been in the industry for many years, The experience and passion for the industry comes through in the service delivery towards customers and businesses we understand the needs of a growing business, and what it takes to make your business successful.

Without growth and expansion, your business will stagnate, with little or o room to expand physically and financially prosperous.

Australian Business Finance (ABF) want to see your business grow.

Let us help you get the business loan you need, to make the future of your business venture take off.

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