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2. Know Your Credit Score

know your credit score
Know Your Credit Score – 8 Tips for Same-day Cash Loans Approval

Knowing where you stand with your credit will help you choose the correct loans that you qualify for.

The number #1 rookie mistake that people make when applying for a loan is not knowing their credit score. If for example your credit score is very low, you can apply for bad credit loans and save yourself from applying too many times without success. When you apply or make too many inquiries it reflects on your credit score. So, if you do not qualify for a personal loan, search and find lenders who offer unsecured no credit check personal loans instead.

Credit Reports – FREE for Australians

Luckily, credit reports are free for Australians. Make sure you get a copy whenever you need it from reputable credit rating agencies.  With a credit report, you can make an informed decision on loans you can apply for and can afford.

Also, inquire from your preferred lender about their criteria pertaining to credit score before you apply. This will give an idea if you should proceed with your application with the lender. Credit Score, check!

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