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  • Loans for blacklisted up to $2,000
  • Low-interest up to 48%
  • Repayment up to 100 days

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About Which Way to Pay

Which Way to Pay is an independent Australian company, where we discover a new and innovative service for our client’s every day.

Our services provide competitive and comparative information on lending companies for our clients in Australia. We are leading the way to financial freedom through our ideal search capabilities, allowing clients to always find exactly what they want, quickly and without any difficulties.

We're an independent company

We don’t have all the extra charges and fees tied to our services from 3rd party members. We make our own rules, and our aim is to meet the needs of our clients. We offer more than just a list of loan providers for the service you are looking for.

Your search can be narrowed down

We provide reviews, FAQ’s services in the range of all normal and blacklisted loan products, benefits and more. Your search can be narrowed down specifically to what you are looking for, saving you time and the hassles of trying to search for the best option yourself.

Which Way to Pay Services

Which Way to Pay understands the pressures in Australia with customers feeling they are at a breaking point when it comes to their financial situation.

This is a reality across the globe, however, there is help. We offer a multitude of lending firms on our comparison website, who all offer the best blacklisted loan deals in the country. With no hidden agendas, our lenders have some amazing products available to help all Australians battling the credit crunch.

You always have somewhere to turn

Often customers feel they have nowhere to turn when their credit score is looking dim, and they have overspent on credit and not kept up to their repayments. Often these situations are beyond our control, and trying to meet our financial obligations means taking out more debt to cover the current debt.

We can find a bad credit loan fast

We are completely positive in our ability to offer clients an alternate option, through our lenders who are all accredited and willing to assist when times are tough. 

Which Way to Pay Blacklisted loan

  • Loan Type Loans for blacklisted
  • Interest Rate 48%
  • Loan Amount up to $2,000
  • Repayment 1 day to 100 days
  • Decision Same day

Benefits of Which Way to Pay

  • Get a bad credit loan today!
  • It is quick and easy to apply online
  • Get approved fast
  • Cash in your account on the same day

Which way to pay in Australia, getting you finance quickly

Which Way to Pay will help you compare options for bad credit loans in Australia.

Bad credit loans for blacklisted clients have become seemingly difficult to get with the credit act holding back lenders form assisting clients in this situation. However, there is help out there.

The key is to find them, and we can!

We have the ability to source the lenders who are willing to assist in these circumstances, and their terms are highly beneficial to our clients.

With low rates and easy repayment terms, you can qualify for a blacklisted credit loan, and afford to pay it off.

Requirements to apply for a loan

Clients are to be in the legal age of 18 years and older, be permanently employed with a salary going into their bank account, and be of Australian nationality.

Blacklisted lenders on our search engine offer different options such as secured and unsecured loan options.

Secured blacklisted loans would require the client to have some form of collateral, and would be eligible for a larger amount of cash.

The terms are in line with affordability

Unsecured personal loans in this area offer no security for smaller amounts, as well as payday options, which are payable on your next pay date.

There is always a solution to your blacklisted loan need. We have thousands of lenders in our system, all offering unique features and affordable terms, helping clients get back on the feet financially. Don’t feel the despair and stress about your finances; let us help you find the perfect provider for your loan needs today!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

When I had seen that my friend managed to get a loan and they had no problems even though they were bank rupt they told me where to go and I have never looked back.

Elizabeth S
— Sydney —

May 2019

The application is easy peasy and then once it is done it fe4els like you blink and your cash is in your account.

Jack J
— Brisbane —

June 2019

Could you imagine when you are super stressed and you could use the money with in hours could you imagine finding a company that does that well they do. You will be shocked.

Bradley C
— Melbourne —

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