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Loans for blacklisted offered by Nifty Finance


  • Low-interest starting from 21.24%
  • Loans for blacklisted up to $5,000
  • Repayment up to 24 months

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Author Nifty Finance. Screenshot of Nifty Finance website. [Accessed April 12, 2018]

About Nifty Finance

Nifty Finance Pty Ltd in Australia are 100% online! This is an enormous benefit to our Australian clients, who need cash quickly.

Our clients get a world of services, care and special treatment when signing up for one of our products.

Assisting and guiding you

We stand by your side, assisting and guiding you throughout our journey together, because we really care about your financial situation.

We understand life’s complexities, when you get thrown a curveball of bills and need to pay form something right now!

Our facilities are all available online, which makes getting cash when you need it instant.

Our service delivery is customer focused

Our biggest commodity and drawcard in the industry is our passion for our clients, with the need to fill the gap in their financial need as best we can.

We have a high customer retention rate, meaning many of our customers return to us when they have completed paying off their personal loans.

We have a satisfaction rate higher than majority of lenders in the country, making us your first choice for blacklisted loans.

Nifty Finance Services

Nifty Finance Pty Ltd offer blacklisted loan options to help them get cash when they need it.

We know the struggle when you have defaulted on a payment, battled to keep up with your existing or previous payments, or just had a bad run financially.

We don't judge based on credit history alone

We know clients can easily get blacklisted for a reason that may have been out of your control.

We don’t judge or negotiate our services based on your previous credit history. We will assess your quick loan application in the present, and see if yo can afford to pay back a loan with your current income.

We don’t do credit checks! We don’t charge additional fees! We are upfront and honest through transparent costings and service delivery.

Our approval process is quick

Complete an online loan application today and get you cash within a few hours, it’s so simple.

Our approval process is quick; we don’t want you to wait! Get a customised loan agreement sent to you and get the service you deserve, through a company that really cares.

Nifty Finance Product Details

  • Loan Type Loans for blacklisted
  • Interest Rate from 21.24%
  • Loan Amount up to $5,000
  • Repayment 3 months to 24 months

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Instant Loans
  • Cash Loans
  • Bad Credit Personal Loans
  • Rental Bond Loans
  • Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Cash Advice

Nifty Personal Loans - we assist blacklisted clients

Our qualifying criteria are simple; anyone can get cash, and the service they truly deserve.

Clients who are Australian citizens and over the age of 18 years old, can apply for a loan through our online loan application platform.

Complete the necessary personal information and submit proof of bank account (3 months statements), proof of income, and proof of residence.

Need Same Day Cash?

Nifty Finance Pty Ltd can help blacklisted clients get cash the very same day! 

Qualify for between $50 and $1,000

Whether you have a clean credit scoring or even if you are blacklisted, you can qualify for between $50 and $1,000 to use as you please, and get your cash in your bank account within the very same day.

You get to pay off your blacklisted loan over 9 to 24 weeks making it easy for you to afford your payments, without having to shuffle your budget too much.

We have helped thousands of Australians who need cash in a hurry and who are blacklisted.

How a Quick Loan can Help

The extra emergency loan cash boost can help clients in so many ways, be it an emergency hospital or doctor payments, house renovation or new tyres on your car.

We know in cases where instant cash is needed, we will provide the services to you. 

Don’t let a simple credit score hold you back from reaching your financial obligations, let Nifty help you today.

Experienced staff that care

Cash available in your bank account quicker than ever, service delivery with experienced staff that cares about your needs. That’s all it takes to get a satisfied client and a lender you can rely on.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

This company’s service is brilliant and I was able to apply for my loan and get my loan even Though I was black listed.

Melanie S
— Perth —

May 2019

This company has never done me wrong infact they have helped me by giving me the information that the other loan company didn’t and now I am, free of my loan.

Sarah D
— Brisbane —

May 2019

I would like to thank the company when I approached you for a loan I had been black listed and now Thanx to your company and their awesome service I am no longer black listed.

Tomas J
— Perth —

June 2019

They have helped me to get the perfect home loan although I have struggled with other companies they had no problem giving me the loan to help me get the home I needed.

Cheyenne M
— Melbounre —

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