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About Loan Angel

At Loan Angel, we understand that you may have gone through tough times resulting in bad credit history.

That is why we offer car loans and home loans which are readily available to people like you. You simply need to come to us and we will come up with the most effective solution.

Expert financial advisors

We are a trusted finance company with expert financial advisors who can help you to get our even of the most tangled credit situation. We cover absolutely all areas of car finance from traditional car loans to business vehicle finance and leasing.

We will take into consideration your individual situation and the requirements which you have to deliver exactly what you are looking for. With us, you will not simply get a deal which is reasonable. You will get the best possible deal for you.

Loan Angel Services

You should not let your bad credit history hold you back. Let Loan Angel help you to realise all of your financial goals. We are experts in obtaining car loans and home loans with bad credit.

We have experience and knowledge.

We work swiftly and with complete professionalism. We will deliver the ideal loan for you without delay.

We work with people from all walks of life.

Whether you need to buy a family car or to invest in a van or a small truck for your business, we will ensure that you get approved for a loan which matches your needs and budget.

Similarly, if you have a dream of owning a home, we can make it reality.

The fact that you have made mistakes in the past does no mean that you cannot have what you really want now. To get started, you simply need to make an online application on our website.

Loan Angel Blacklisted loan

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Benefits of Loan Angel

  • Car Finance
  • Home Loans
  • Truck Finance
  • Investment Loans
  • Bad Credit Car Finance
  • Equipment Loans
  • Commercial Loans

Loan Angel – Financially invested in our clients.

Loan Angel in Australia can give loans for blacklisted individuals, who have given up trying to find loans elsewhere.

Our loans can be used for anything. No matter what your problem, no matter what your need. We will make it happen for you.

We can get an advance for a bad credit client – effortlessly & quickly.

If you had intense times in the past you know how hard it can be to look to the future effortlessly. Loan Angel assists Australians with getting blacklisted loans with little hassles, simple application processes, and fast turnaround times.

We are passionate about helping you.

If you have been turned away from micro lenders one too many times in the past, then apply for an advance with us. Loan Angel helps individuals of varying backgrounds reach the financial potential to purchase their dream home, vehicle or holiday they have always dreamt of.

Try not to let your negative credit record of loan repayments hinder your loan alternatives. You can just apply for credit online and we will get you an answer immediately.

What Is different About our blacklisted Loans?

A blacklisted loan in Australia through Loan Angel is customized for clients with an impeded FICO assessment. Loan Angel represents considerable authority in helping individuals to get back on track with their accounts regardless of what their past FICO assessments may be.

We believe everyone deserves a second chance, and we don’t discriminate against customers because of a bad payment in the past. We will help you, get finance. Contact one of our experienced consultants should you wish to enquire about our loans.

Our call centre is equipped with experienced friendly staff, who know the industry, and are more than happy to guide you through the entire process.

Find out how much you qualify for, and get cash quickly through Loan Angel.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

They are there for you when you need then if you ever have a query you can contact them and they will always answer you they take the time to understand you.

Ron C
— Perth —

June 2019

When you use Loan Angel you are able to use the calculators and see how much your loan will cost you and this always gives me a better felling when I apply for a loan.

John M
— Brisbane —

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