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Jacaranda Finance

About – Jacaranda Finance

Jacaranda Finance is an Australian owned financial company which offers a digital online platform for clients to access quick cash whenever and wherever they are.

We are not like traditional lenders or banks that take a long time to assess your in-sore or online loan application and then decline clients who are blacklisted or have a bad credit score.

We are different.

We also do not charge any fees for processing your application.

Our people are passionate in helping customers get to where they want to be financially, and we use efficient processes to get our clients cash quickly and through safe measures.

Cash within an hour is an unbeatable turnaround time which we are very proud to promise our clients. 

We Make all the Big Decisions

Because we are an independent company, we make the rules, we decide who gets finance, and we decide on the charges, which in our case are all transparent.

Get your blacklisted cash loan through us today, and get the satisfaction of covering your financial obligations with no hassles.

Services – Jacaranda Finance

Jacaranda Finance can get you a fast loan if you are a blacklisted client.

Same process - no credit check

The process is the same as any other client, we just don’t do any major credit checks, we treat everyone the same.

Our processes are all completed and carried through online, making us quicker than other lending companies.

By following these simple steps, cash can be yours within one hour:

Application – complete the application online by filling in your personal details. This also includes your banking and residential details, as well as your employment information.

Approval – we will take the information provided and assess your ability to pay back your loan. We will see what amount you can easily afford and send you an approval with a quote containing the amount and what the repayment instalments on your blacklisted loan will be.

Get your cash – once you have agreed to the terms stipulated in your contract, cash is yours, in your bank account within an hour!

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Repayment Term

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Summary of Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Car Repair Loans
  • Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Rental Bond Loans

Jacaranda Finance, your Blacklisted Loan Specialists

Jacaranda Finance offer simple and effective emergency loans for everyone. Whether you have a good credit or bad credit history, we will use the same methods and processes to evaluate your application.

Requirements to apply

To be legible for our loans, clients must be permanent Australian citizens, have employment and earning a regular income of no less than $400 per week, and have a bank account in which we can transfer your blacklisted advance into.

Our loans are payable over no more than 12 months, making them very easy to afford. The more you borrow, the higher your repayments will be per month.

Transparent Lending

Our fees are all included into your contract, leaving no nasty surprises along the term of your loan. Everyone is legible to apply for a loan through Jacaranda Finance in Australia.

We do not Hold Bad Credit Against you

Blacklisted clients often feel they have nowhere to turn once they have defaulted from a previous agreement, or fallen in arears in a personal loan payment in the past. This is something we do not hold against our clients.

We will however, not lend you cash higher than what you can afford. Responsible lending is the only restriction we have in this case, as we are always looking out in the best of our clients, and don’t want to create debt you can’t handle.

Contact our team

Contact our team of experienced consultants today, and get your cash loan in one hour!

Get all you need online, fast! Pay off those emergency bills, your child’s education, or your vehicles repairs.

No matter what you need the cash for, we will get it to you faster than ever - simply get online and apply for a loan.

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46 Douglas Street, QLD , Milton, 4064, Australia
Ph: 1300 189 823
Em: apply@jfloans.com.au

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PO Box 370, , Indooroopilly, QLD , 4068, Australia

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  • Monday 08:00 – 18:00
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