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State Custodians

About – State Custodians

State Custodians are an Australian online lending firm, assisting clients with bad credit to get the cash they need. State Custodians is well known for helping Australians' improve their credit score.

Our advances have the most noteworthy rating

We have been awarded high accolades’ of Lender of the Year by Money magazine for many years and our advances have the most noteworthy rating for exceptional service by Canstar.

We have a broad scope of loaning options permitting borrowers to advantageously investigate their alternatives on the web.

Convenience and speed at your fingertips.

Our quick cash credit offering is upheld by RESIMAC Limited who has been financing loans in Australia for more than 30 years and has accomplished a private positioning in the market.

Our core interest includes the fact that we are centred on discovering approaches to help our clients accomplish their objectives financially.

Through connections with our group and our site, we intend to make an exceptional difference to every client that asks for help through our bad credit lending services.

Services – State Custodians

State Custodians will help Australians with a blacklisted loan when they are experiencing issues getting finance from other lending firms.

This is a common situation that many clients are experiencing, so we have great knowledge and a lot of experience in this field.

We can offer benefits in all areas, including:

  • Consolidate all your debts into a home loan options, and pay off one loan
  • Use your home to borrow against and get up to 90% of your home value and up to $2.5m.

We offer value added services which include:

  • EASY and quick payment of your personal loan through direct transfers
  • FLEXIBLE repayment terms to suit your budget
  • MAKE extra payments on your loan with no penalties
  • REPAY your loan weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whichever suits your pay date
  • GET customer care from our consultants whenever you need assistance on your loan
  • YOU choose how much you want to lend, according to your affordability

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Summary of Services

  • HOME Loans
  • BAD CREDIT Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

State Custodians offer all Australians bad credit loans

State Custodians know the consequences of what clients in Australia experience when they have bad credit. We know how inconvenient and stressful it can be, especially when you want to get a quick loan, or open a store account.

Bad credit can affect your life in other ways, such as finding a job, or trying to get a credit card.

A situation that we can assist you with

It is important for our clients to know and understand what bad credit is and how it can affect your finances. We can help you get a bad credit cash loan - even when other providers have declined your online loan application

When Providers add you to a Bad Credit List

Defaults can occur on overdue account payments putting you into arrears on your payments, as well as hiking up your interest. Some providers may immediately black list your credit; others may wait till you have defaulted over a short period of time, often after 60 days.

If a client’s apply for multiple accounts, loans and store cards, your credit score is listed every time you apply. If you default on one account, the system picks this up, and will decline any transactions on any future credit purchases.

How to stay off the bad credit list:

  • PAY your accounts and personal loans on time – every time
  • DON’T apply for too many credit requests, loans, store accounts, this will immediately get you into debt you can’t afford
  • THINK of your future – should you by some chance lose your job and need to look for employment, having a clean credit record can only improve your chances. Some companies won’t hire an employer with bad credit.

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