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About Positive Lending Solutions

Positive Lending Solutions in Australia are your bad credit lending partner of choice.

You can make sure the advances we source for our clients are from lenders you can trust.

Over 40 loan specialists

We have admittance to many premium loan specialists (over 40 to be exact), including major banks, and some of Australia's biggest and most seasoned lending firms in the country.

Are you struggling with getting a loan on your own and taking copious amounts of time trying to source a lender that won’t decline your application, rather let us do the searching for you.

We offer benefits to our clients which include:

  • Access to Australia’s best money lenders with 100% lending abilities to help bad credit clients
  • Industry driving administration that is based locally and online for ease of use and speeds up processes
  • We take time to understand your needs, and work according to your specific profile and criteria – we know each client is different

Positive Lending Solutions Services

Bad Credit Clients don’t scare us! Positive Lending Solutions in Australia can help you get a short term loan today!

Clients that have a bad credit score that is concerned about repaying a loan, can enjoy the flexible options we can offer, in line with what you can afford.

Our positive success rate is second to none

We've secured bad credit advances for a huge number of individuals, and our positive success rate is second to none.  At Positive Lending Solutions, we trust your ability to stay in line with your repayment terms even if your credit history shows defaults in the past.

Advantages of our loans:

  • You get the cash you need for the things you require without being charged unbelievable loan costs. 
  • It gives you a chance to repair your record as a consumer. 
  • Your credit record can be improved for your future lending needs
  • You get the cash fast
  • You can easily complete an online loan application for quicker processing
  • We transfer your loan straight into your bank account

Positive Lending Solutions Product Details

  • Loan Type Bad credit loans

Summary of Services

  • Get a loan with a bad credit score
  • Quick and easy online loan applications
  • Repair your credit score with our service

Positive Lending Solutions – Credit solutions for people with bad credit

Positive Lending Solutions in Australia can get you bad credit finance when you are turned down because of having a bad credit score.

What makes our services so unique and exceptional is our professional touch.

We know communication is key

By being open with you and always communicating, letting us in on your credit history details and allowing us to use your criteria to match you with a preferred lender, can only provide a positive outcome for you and your financial situation.

We look towards the future

The reality of a bad credit score is that larger firms and banks will regard such people as high-risk clients, and won’t look further than that initial assessment to deny their online loan applications. We are different.

Get a better rate, start clearing your name, and get finance 

If you have experienced a default in previous payments and have had judgements against your name, we can still find you a loan through one of our lenders. If you have been through bankruptcy and need a loan, we can help you.

Can't get approved by traditional lenders? 

If you have made multiple loan enquiries, and not kept up with your repayments on your personal loans, we can assist.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we have proven ourselves to be the matchmaker when clients need to find a possible lender.

We have the experience, we have the resources, and we have the technology to speed up your application when time matters most.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2018

Your loans are so competitive and the interest rate was very low so I was able to have my application approved very quickly. Not only was I able to pay off some pressing bills. When I made paymen...

Joey S
— Melbourne —

January 2019

Maxing out my credit cards during Christmas time meant that I had a very low bank balance in January and of course murphy’s law decided to strike and my laptop crashed. I use it every day for wor...

Jacky V
— Busselton —

April 2019

Your loans are so competitive and the interest rate was very low so I was able to have my application approved very quickly. Not only was I able to pay off some pressing bills. When I made paymen...

Joey S
— Melbourne —

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